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Comments by YACCS
Saturday, April 16, 2005

Moderates: this is your fault

Let's replace the stars with crosses

Lou Shelton and the boys have decided to go all in on some crazy TV show only the dominionists will watch, which equates Senate procedures with the Sermon on the Mount. Wow, who knewe Satan would demand the immolation of the GOP as payment for Bush's reeelection.

Now, everyone is blaming the wingnuts and fundies for this, but not me. It's like blaming a shark for eating a girl surfer's arm, that's what they do. These people have played the same game since the 19th Century and expecting them to act differently is stupid. We're not in Prohibition territory yet. but we're getting there. Of course, prohibition was a failure, but why stop at one. We had to beat Germany twice in 25 years and haven't left in 55. So dealing with the fundies, being shocked that they want to come up and start their wackjob campaigns, is like being shocked that a girl is naked and in your bed after a wonderful dinner.

I don't mean to drag up some old business, but when I said "cultural elite" was anti-semitic, that didn't come from my ass, even if the idiot who wrote worked for Joe Lieberman. The folks who agree, well, they may not hate Jews, but they think they're going straight to hell for not being born again.


Because Lou Shelton dropped a dose of ugly into this, ugly with a healthy dose of Jew hatred.

"Atheist billionaire George Soros is funding a number of the organizations that are attacking DeLay. Soros is a one-world socialist who hates Christians and seeks a one-world government and legalized drugs. DeLay is a solid Christian and conservative legislator who is an important player in the culture war. He understands the issues and the battles we’re fighting against homosexuality, abortion, pornography, judicial tyranny, and other issues of concern to traditional values activists

Now, attacks on Soros is nothing new. But sometimes they let slip their true, anti-semitic intent. How does someone fight homosexuality, pull dicks from people's mouths and prevent oral stiumation of the clitoris? But by setting up Soros as the boogie man of the left, a foriegn billionaire no less, one who makes money via currency dealings, well, if Jew doesn't scream out, nothing does.

The news that Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist plans to join a telecast whose organizing theme is that those who oppose some of President Bush's judicial nominees are engaged in an assault on "people of faith" is more than troubling; it is disingenuous, dangerous, and demagogic. We call on him to reconsider his decision to appear on the telecast and to forcefully disassociate himself from this outrageous claim.

Senator Frist must not give legitimacy to those who claim they hold a monopoly on faith. They do not. They assert, in the words of Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council and organizer of the telecast, that there is a vast conspiracy by the courts "to rob us of our Christian heritage and our religious freedoms." There is no such conspiracy. They have been unable to ram through the most extreme of the President's nominees, and now they are spinning new claims out of thin air. [...]

The telecast is scheduled to take place on the second night of the Passover holiday, when Jews around the world gather together to celebrate our religious freedom. It was in part for exactly such freedom that we fled Egypt. It was in part for exactly such freedom that so many of us came to this great land. And it is in very large part because of exactly such freedom that we and our neighbors here have built a nation uniquely welcoming to people of faith - of all faiths. We believe Senator Frist knows these things as well. His association with the scheduled telecast is, in a word, shameful. We call upon to him to disassociate himself from the claim that the Senate is participating in a filibuster against faith, and to withdraw his participation from the April 24th event.

-- Rabbi David Saperstein
Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

You know, the Nazis liked to do their round ups at Passover and Yom Kippur. I'm not saying they act like Nazis, smells familiar.

So who do I blame for this rise of the Christian bund?


It's nice that Harry Reid denounced the Christian bund rally, but McCain, Lugar and Spector should have stood right by him in doing so. The old line conservatives, like McCain, and Lugar and the moderates like Snow, Chaffee and Collins need to stand with Reid. This isn't about GOP and Dems any more, but about an attack on our constitution by dominionists. These folks want a theocracy, maybe not Iranian, but something where christians are first past the post in all matters.

This merging of wingnut politicians and religion on TV no less should outrage the GOP people running in blue and purple states. Shelton and his fellow wingnuts have one trick, just one, getting people to vote. Their legislative agenda is a joke and a bad one at that. So it's all GOTV. But since the GOP has no other way to reach their voters, that's it. They don't have unions or field ops, they just have churches, so they have to pander to them.

The problem, as outlined over and over, is that these people are serious, as serious as Satan when Saddam tried to take over. It's not a joke and the moderates cannot wish it away. They should be screaming that these people are shitting on the Constitution, that the point was to allow ALL religions to flourish, not have one take over. There were Catholics and Jews in America in 1776 as well as deists. The idea was to make sure that people could believe what they want without paying for a state church, like they do in Europe.

The freedom that allows Shelton to have his bund rally on TV allows us to go about our lives in peace. Where we don't have people killing each other over God. This special freedom is one that Shelton wants to toss away for some minor advantage in what? Telling people what to watch on TV. They want to slaughter the golden goose and have it with roasted potatoes.

Some guy was on the Daily Show talking about how moderates are the majority. No shit. The problem is that moderates left the left carry the ball and the right have their way. They have no agendas. The moderates on the right do not get it. These people own the machinery of election. Pure and simple. They will destroy the GOP because they do not care about anything but their agenda. The fundies do not care how they get to power, they just care about power. And Chaffee can bend over and accept lunatics like John Bolton as UN Ambassador, but the radical right will still sandbag him. Club for Growth will still field a candidate against him and people like Santorum will laugh at him behind his back.

The good thing is that no one saw this coming so fast and so hard. Frist thinks he can replicate Bush, but he can't. Bush, for all his flaws, can portray being average and decent. The fact that he's a willfully ignorant thug goes beyond a lot of people. But Bush plays down his religion enough to acceptable levels. He can talk about Jesus all he wants, doesn't bother me. Showing up at the wingnut conference....nope. That's heavy duty shit.

posted by Steve @ 3:02:00 AM

3:02:00 AM

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