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Thursday, April 07, 2005


Before it hit Howie in the face

Egg on his Face: Kurtz Burned by Powerline
by Armando

Wed Apr 6th, 2005 at 22:35:14 PDT

(From the diaries -- kos)

Crossposted at Unbossed.

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving shill. Howie the Shill decided that he trusted Powerline MORE than fucking Mike Allen of his own newspaper, and ran with the ridiculous "fake GOP Schiavo Talking Points" 'story' - which turned out to be as bogus as a 3 dollar bill. A sample of Howie's Shilling Shame:

The flap about a Washington Post report on an unsigned strategy memo in the Terri Schiavo case, which the paper said was "distributed to Republican senators," isn't going away. [ Yeah Howie, you and the Moonie Times were ALL OVER IT.]

It turns out that The Post's news service put out an early version of the March 20 story -- published by numerous other papers -- that said the talking points, which touted the Schiavo case as a political opportunity, were "distributed to Republican senators by party leaders." GOP congressional leaders say they never saw the document, whose author remains unknown. Post reporter Mike Allen, who was unaware the news service had distributed the earlier version, said last week that the paper was careful not to say it was "a Republican memo."

. . . Despite criticism from bloggers, and Allen's request for a correction, Carlisle said no correction was warranted. Late Friday, the news service sent out an "advisory" saying: "The version of the article published by the paper did not specify the authorship and noted that the memo was unsigned. The authorship remains unknown." The advisory did not retract the assertion that "party leaders" had given out the memo.

Of course, in tommorow's Post, Allen says it was a GOP memo.

Nice work Howie. More on the flip.

How big a shill is Howard Kurtz? This big a shill - from Powerline:

I [Hinderaker] had been scheduled to appear on CNN's "Reliable Sources" with Howard Kurtz Sunday morning to talk about the Schiavo "talking points memo" and press coverage thereof, but I've been bumped by the Pope's apparently impending demise.

So Kurtz was going further spread this bullshit, basically call his fellow Post reporter Allen a liar, on the basis of Hindrocket's "sterling" analysis and speculation? Give me a fucking break.

He deserved to be burned. Hindrocket is Kurtz's own personal Curveball.

I'm laughing my ass off. And I betcha Mike Allen is too.

Oh, given the dramatics in newsrooms, I wouldn't be surprised if Mike Allen put his foot in Howie's ass. Journalists have paper thin skins and to call one of your collegues a liar is bad form.

Now a few words about GOP bloggers and memos.

All hype.

Dan Rather left CBS for the same reasons Howard Stern did, not because of any fucking memo, but because Mel Karmazin was forced out and Sumner Redstone is the King Lear of Broadway. The memos were just cover for a timely escape. The memos and the subsequent dogpile by his former collegues was undignified, but it wasn't the driving reason. What was he supposed to say: I wouldn't trust Les Moonves as far as he can piss. A guy who leaves his wife for a subordinate is a snake I can't trust and I'm too old for this shit? No. So he he let some assclowns take credit for something they had little role in.

Rather, like Stern, didn't want to be trapped at Viacom when King Sumner handed the reins over to his daughter.

Kurtz is a schmuck. Of course the GOP wrote the memo, it's their style.

Here's a hint Howie: the right guys don't do their research. It's all ideology to them.

posted by Steve @ 12:57:00 AM

12:57:00 AM

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