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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ferrer in poll tailspin

Who can stop this man?

Turnabout in NYC Campaign for Mayor 2005

Marist's polls show a disaster for Ferrer, with a near total collapse of his black support.

Mayor Bloomberg rebounds against potential Democratic rivals: In a major turnabout in this year’s race for New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg outpaces all of his Democratic contenders. Mayor Bloomberg, who trailed Former Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer just last month, now leads him by 13 points in the race for mayor among New York City’s registered voters. Bloomberg receives the support of 51% of the city’s registered voters compared with 38% for Ferrer. Mayor Bloomberg also leads potential rivals Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields, Congressman Anthony Weiner, and Council Speaker Gifford Miller.

While the nmumbers don't show this outright, Field's support has solidified. What is clear is that Ferrer's statement about the Diallo murder not being a crime was been a political disaster for his campaign. While it is still early, only an apology has any chance of saving his mayoral bid.

How bad is it? An 11 point drop and the first lead that Bloomberg has had against him since the winter. Which means one thing: blacks have abandoned his campaign in large numbers.

And it is this issue, because Bloomberg's stadium plan is still unpopular.

Without question, blacks across the economic strata feel Ferrer's comments constitute an abandonment of them and their concerns. Yet, his pandering to the police will gain him no votes either. So he chose the worst possible action. How his staff could not understand how sensitive this issue is and how deeply the black community feels the police got away with murder, shows incredibly inept staffwork. What the numbers also show is some slippage in Latino support as well.

With numbers like these, people are seriously going to consider running for mayor. While Bob Kerrey passed, and is now kicking himself, others may see an opportunity.

posted by Steve @ 3:50:00 PM

3:50:00 PM

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