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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bigots in action

gay people

Our friend, Political Junkie sent this our way.

The Group That Should Not Be Bigoted

I'm writing this entry with a great deal of sadness, mixed with anger. Whenever I hear of an individual or a group of individuals engaging in bigoted behavior because of race, or gender, or age, or religious or national origin, usually I want to dismiss it as the behavior of someone who's generally ignorant.

Today, I can no longer do that.

No one should be bigoted, or wishing to engage in discriminatory acts against ANYONE. Yet, they do, and it is not only hurtful for the party to whom that ignorance is directed, but also for the party engaging in it. This morning, I awoke to hear on the radio that a gay bar in San Francisco, the "SF-Badlands" have been engaging in bigoted practices against African-American patrons and African-American applicants. A GAY bar.
Who would have thought it, in the 21st Century?

I'm saddened because at this point in time, gays and lesbians are targeted by religious whackjobs who have taken it upon themselves in trying to help God out, when the reality is, God can handle His business, just fine. I'm angry because I know if the shoe were on the other foot, I would be defending a gay or lesbian's right to live their lives the way they want, work where they want; in other words, the civil liberties and freedoms that I enjoy and that my ancestors fought and died for.

So I am puzzled by the fact that the homosexual community, usually a blantant target for bigots everywhere, have a few bad apples engaging in the same destructive behavior that makes them no better than any bigoted person of color.

In a time where the government is considering everyone who's not white, heterosexual males, fair game and open season on bigotry and hate, I am speaking out, now, because the price of bigotry is too high a price for mankind to pay.

I am a Christian, and I'm aware of what the Bible says about homosexuality. Yet, I'm also aware that because of the history of my people; the trials, the struggles, the outright racial wars, I cannot afford to allow myself to be engulfed by hatred of someone else because they don't look like or act like me. The beauty of human creation is that with our differences, with our uniquenesses, we give this world a vibrancy and colorfulness that it would not otherwise have if we all looked like, or acted the same. Therefore, as a Christian, I'm required to treat anyone I encounter with the dignity, honor and respect that they are deserving of.

It does not matter if you are gay or straight, person of color, or caucasian; I have an obligation to treat you with dignity, honor and respect. I have no opinion of the homosexual and the life they choose to lead. But I will fight to defend your right to have it.

My Christian friends say I'm a fool and that I'm not doing God's will. I don't think God's will includes beating the hell out of someone, or denying them jobs and the choice to live their lives however they want, because WE don't agree with it. This is the same treatment we were subjected to as African-Americans; denied the right to live where we wanted and with whom; where to send our children to school, where to work, whom to marry. Our heritage and culture were methodically stripped from our ancestors as slaves for over 400 years.

Asian-Americans, especially those of Japanese descent - many of you were born in America, yet during World War II, your family was stripped of your businesses, your property, your jobs - all because the Government thought you would become sympathetic to Japan and help them out in the war effort.

Latinos and Native Americans - most of America was your land. Some of your ancestors fought, bled and died to keep it from being stripped from you, not to mention your heritage and your culture.

Women - until 1920, you were considered your husband's property. You couldn't say jack about what to do and when to do it. You didn't even have a say about who got to go to Elected office until a mere 85 years ago. Your men stood on your back and elevated himself to position of prestiege, honor and glory, while knowing damned well he couldn't have achieved his accomplishments without YOU.

I may not always agree with you, but I will always defend your right to your opinion, your beliefs, your values, your principles. The bottom line is, those of us who have been subjected to bigoted remarks or behavior, discrimination or hate crimes - we cannot afford to repay hate with more hate. It is too costly.

All of us are the group that Should Not be Bigoted.

posted by Steve @ 8:50:00 AM

8:50:00 AM

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