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Comments by YACCS
Sunday, March 13, 2005

NYC Senior management: no blacks need apply

FDNY: Blacks are few and far between

Doing a job on minorities

Feds probing & groups bemoaning little progress under Mike


As the Feds push a civil rights probe into allegations of bias against blacks in the Fire Department, minority groups complain they are locked out of top positions in almost every city agency.

"We had hoped that Mayor Bloomberg, who came into office beholden to no one, would be progressive in creating opportunities," said Brandon Ward, president of the New York City chapter of Blacks in Government. "We have been disappointed."

The Justice Department launched an investigation last month into alleged hiring discrimination in the Fire Department, where whites make up 91.5% of the city's 8,700 firefighters and 97% of its supervisors.

On Friday, Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta announced that the department has budgeted $1.4 million in the fiscal year beginning July 1 for a permanent diversity recruitment unit with 16 full-time civilian and uniformed employees.

Still, the FDNY has the widest racial divide by far in city government. And in a city whose population is more than 60% minority, there is an unmistakable race gap at the top of most agencies, city personnel records show.

Here's the bottom line: Blacks, Latinos and Asians make up about 57% of the city's workforce but account for only 19% of its senior and executive staff. Whites make up only 41% of the workforce but account for 76% of the top positions. Minorities fill 62% of clerical and other low-paying jobs.

The statistics have changed little over the last decade.

During the Giuliani administration, blacks represented 14% of all appointed agency heads and senior personnel while whites represented 70%. Today, blacks remain at 14% and whites comprise 79%.

"Simply stated, no measurable progress has occurred," said Ward, a project manager for the Transportation Department.

Ward's group singled out that agency for what it called "opportunity hoarding."

DOT says the number of its managerial employees who are women or minorities has increased under this administration. But according to the Blacks in Government 2005 diversity report card:

"Overall participation of blacks in the agency's decision making has been largely titular and disproportionately confined to human resource-oriented positions....No black person has been promoted to a deputy commissioner position."


At the NYPD, for example, 45% of the force is white, 31% black and 24% Hispanic or Asian. Yet 72% of its supervisors are white.

And, said Eric Adams, head of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care: "There are no African-American borough commanders, no black three-star chiefs and only two black squad commanders out of the 76 precinct detective squads."

"It sends a message especially to young men and women that their career paths must remain traditional and limited," Stafford said.

The FDNY is a fucking disgrace when it comes to minority hiring. They are worse than South Africa, worse than the UK. In no place with blacks do fewer of them work as firefighters.

Yet, Bloomberg did nothing about this. The situation is so outrageous that the Bush DOJ is investigating. And remember, at the lower ranks,m most city agenices are overwhelmingly minority.

But he needs blacks to win a second term.

posted by Steve @ 12:12:00 PM

12:12:00 PM

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