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Monday, February 28, 2005

Stop Lieberman

Yes, President Bush's cock is just that big

Look, the real question is not if Bush loses the social security battle, but how. In the end, I think we'll get voluntary accounts, but not funded by Social Security money. Bush will save face, because there will be accounts, most Dems will support government sponsored, but not funded accounts, and Wall Street will be happy with the potential new customers. There is nothing wrong in offering an IRA-type account which is market based.

Which is, of course, vastly different than defunding social security, which is what the Bush plan entails. But since the GOP doesn't even want to touch that, Bush will probably accept his accounts without touching social security. Of course, the particpation rate in these plans, as they have been on the state level, will be so small that we will wonder what the fuss was about. And in the end, the issue will be where the money comes from, and social security will not be the place. But Bush has set it up so that he will have to accept some kind of victory, and this is the most palatable around, encourage investment, while not defunding social security.

However, the issue is not creating government-assisted investments, but stopping Joe Lieberman.

Once again, he's not listening to the party, but his own ideas.

But the fact is that ONLY Connecticut residents can stop him.

The rest of us can send letters to DNC Chair Dean and Senate Minority Leader Reid saying we will support a challenger, but that is an indirect act. ONLY Connecticut residents can hammer home the point that they expect him to oppose Social Security theft. They need to not only flood his office, but hand out flyers at Stop and Shop and Stew Leonards calling on people to ask Lieberman to save social security. You need to go to senior centers and American Legion halls and leaflet them. Catch Lottery players on pay day. Malls on weekends.

You need to organize meetups and use town meetings to hammer home the point. Get town councils to pass resolutions to save social security, and calling on Lieberman to join Reid, Dodd and the other Democrats in doing so.

It is clear that ONLY with Lieberman's help can Social Security be defunded. However, ONLY Connecticut residents can put real pressure on Lieberman. They also need to make sure that his office is flooded with in-state letters and calls. It has to be locally based and done from within the state.

This is cheap to do, maybe $20 for flyers and some time. But it only matters if the people doing the agitating are his constituents. If Santorum can get a nasty shock, Connecticut residents can do the same to Lieberman. Because he doesn't represent the rest of us.

posted by Steve @ 3:40:00 PM

3:40:00 PM

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