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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The plot to steal your future

All your social securities belong to us

This from the BlogPAC press release

The RNC is re-uniting the BC04 team for their assault on Social Security. Right-wing groups are raising an estimated $100 million dollars for the campaign, and putting their mammoth ground game and 6 million email addresses behind the campaign. Additionally, the Social Security trust fund itself is being used to advertise for its own destruction - something unprecedented in modern American politics. There has been a war declared upon Social Security and the idea that government can make things better for citizens.

Let's stop this fraud. BlogPAC is joining the battle -- and we hope that all of you join us.

No need for fancy talk here: Bush wants to steal your social security money to prop up the stock market. Every study shows that most people rely on social security for their retirement, even if they make a good income.

What Bush and the GOP want to do is steal your future to prop up their present.

Anyone tells you social security is in crisis, ask them: is the solution really to cut benefits and place the money in the stock market?

And if they say we need higher returns, ask them when was the last time they made a killing in the market.

Now they want people who can barely manage their 401K's to manage their essential retirement money. Then ask them: what happens if I lose my money? Will the government replace it?

Because that is what this is all about. They want you to assume risk with your essential retirement income. Why? So they can make lots of money at your expense. But what happens to you if their plan fails? Will you be choosing between Purina and 9 Lives. Even if you don't believe you will see a dime from SS, what about your mother? Should she be eating Sheba pate for dinner? If your mother guesses wrong, is she supposed to live on cat food and charity?

The people pushing this plan are rich. Do you really think they would push it if you could become rich or even do better. This would be the first time in American histry the rich would share their wealth eagerly.

No, this is about taking your future, exchanging it for vague promises, and spending that money at the nearest car dealiership or Russian mistress apartment. They talk market, but their retirment money is in government T Bills. They talk risk, but with other people's money. In this case, yours.

Don't fall for it.

Because there is only one question they have to answer: if the market goes down and I lose money, will the government replace it?

posted by Steve @ 1:10:00 AM

1:10:00 AM

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