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Comments by YACCS
Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraq Elections: We ain't out of the woods yet...

Mission Accomplished Part II--US soldier guarding empty polling booths in Sunni region

Okay, I'm not Steve and can't write in his voice, but I know that this is a story he'd want up here today. As we've all heard from US news sources, our Chimp in Chief is calling the Iraqi elections "a great success" even though exact voting turnout numbers have swung wildly, and there was a near-boycott of the election in Sunni regions, and suicide bombers left their mark as well.

Some folks are still voting with high explosives out there--maybe they shoulda served more cookies and punch at the polls, like they did in NY.

Now, even the conservative voter turnout numbers have been remarkable, but if they exclude a large part of the country, it doesn't matter who got "elected." If there was a vote in the US and a huge chunk of the country had NO ballots cast, would that be a legitimate vote?

I realize that the LGF crowd will be saying "I told you so," and to them I say, remember this?

Or here, to make them feel better, I'll give them another photo from that day--a little bit of patriotic porn, Chimp Boy all dressed up:

Hey Kids! Help me think of a caption for this picture! Use the Comments Section!

I'm sure that right now, he's just grateful that he never had to do time with the guys who would spend the next odd year or so getting bits blown off.

GillyBlogOfficePool Question: How much longer will we be in Iraq "supporting the legitimate voice of the Iraqi people" by propping up whomever eventually gets "elected?" Or fighting the winner if they happen to be a Muslim extremists?

Have fun with this thread--if you can't cry, laugh.

posted by Jenonymous @ 3:17:00 PM

3:17:00 PM

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