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Comments by YACCS
Saturday, January 08, 2005

Fundraising, day 7: why I hold the right in contempt

How dare that Gilliard insult that nigger Williams. We like his kind

God, in the 6th day, the NRO gave me hits.

I can think of nothing more comical than being lectured on race by the NRO's Corner. What's next? Stormfront lecturing me on the Holocaust and tolerance for Jews?

The thing about blogging that has been reenforced over the year is the futility of appeasing the right. They're gonna come after you anyway, no matter what you say or do, so standing up to them is the rule of the day. Those people only mean me ill. Pretending that there is a common ground is futile.

Congress can't act like that because they have to do things. But what the fuck are Rich Lowry and Jonah Goldberg gonna do for me? Not one fucking thing. I won't play tit for tat with them. I consider them little better than racist scum and I don't really consider their opinions/ They're just clowns to me. I know some people want to debate them and exchange ideas. I don't. I have more readers than that racist rag of a magazine does.

What I've learned is that the one thing a blogger has to do is not back down. You can be wrong, you can apologize, but you can't back down. You have to stand behind your words, and if you don't, you invite trouble.

If Goldberg was as smart as an intern, he would have figured out from the language that I was black. But why bother? That would ruin his story. Racist liberal attacks black man.

I don't write out of my ass, I don't make shit up and I say what I think. Why? Because you pay me, not editors. It's not a total license to say and do what I want, but it's enough freedom to say what I think and feel. Which is important.

The reason people like Howard Stern and Jon Stewart are heroes is simple: they have honest opinions, not manufactured ones. Not ones to get ratings alone. They actually have thoughts which go beyond the happy smile.

Which is why independence is important. Now, while I've made fun of Williams, and will continue to do so, his payoff is the grossest breach of journalistic responsibility. Any reporter for a news organization would be fired on the spot. Grounds for immediate termination. The idea that he could cash in om his opinions is repellent. Imagine if I had done that for Kerry. Jesus, the screaming would have never ended and I run a blog. He was a national figure and took money to promote government policy. Which he should have been open and up front about, not leveraged it to make a lot of money.

He knew the rules as loose as they were. But this is like showing kids porn, you don't do it. He could have joined the Administration if he chose to.

Which is why blogs are needed. How many other "pundits" are on the take? He's not alone. I would bet more than one second stringer fattened their pocket with either Scaife or WH money to push certain ideas.

We need a new media, one which represent humans, not companies.

Which is part of the reason we invest money and sell ads. To do just that.

To bring a human face to the news.

Jonah, thanks for the hits. Good work. Now, kindly admit your error and be on your way.


posted by Steve @ 11:59:00 PM

11:59:00 PM

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