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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Freakshow of the Century Continues--Michael Jackson Trial to Start Real Soon

So what if I admitted on national TV that I like to share a bed with little boys?

Yeah, I know, this story is a cheap shot and a gimmie, but I'm short on time today, and Gilly is still presumably hunting for a functioning machine. Besides, stories like this and the Internet go together like ants and picnics.

Now, nevermind the circus tent full of other "witnesses" that they are dragging out of the woodwork. The trump card here is Jackson's own admissions--on PUBLIC TELEVISION--that he thinks that sleeping with little boys is A-OK and "innocent."

All the prosecution has to do is turn to the jury and ask them:

"Would you let YOUR child sleep overnight in Michael Jackson's bed?"

That, combined with the other material details of the case--the secret alarmed door to the Gloved One's inner chamber, the pornography, and the defendant's own bizarre taped admissions and behavior--is probably enough to convict him no matter how unwholesome or biased the "witnesses" or victims' families are.

I say that if he gets off the hook on this one, major money changed hands, and it's on the judicial side, not the victims' side.

Your thoughts?

posted by Jenonymous @ 3:44:00 PM

3:44:00 PM

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