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Comments by YACCS
Saturday, January 08, 2005

The fall of sambo

I's for sale.

This is the letter I sent to Jonah Goldberg. Like I give a fuck what he thinks over at that coven of warmongers and racists.


If you had bothered to Google me, you would have found out I'm black. I know you can't tell if people are dogs online, but common sense would tell you in PC America that no white person would have written that.

So the post isn't racist.

I normally don't visit that sewer of a site of yours, but calling me racist while working for NRO is, at best a joke. How could you tell the difference? I mean, don't you work with a company full of anti-black bigots like Rich Lowry? Didn't William Buckley defend segregation?

I did notice, however, you were first in line to toss Williams to the wolves. Couldn't wait, could you?

Look, after he sucked up to you people for so long, the least you could have done was toss up a nominal defense. But instead, you've turned on him like a rabid dog.

Which is why people like Williams is reviled in the black community. Because we know he's only good for you as long as he's useful.

I fully expect your collegues to villify him in the days ahead. He may not see it, but we do.

And if you had done some Googling, my words on other Black GOP members are no kinder. I don't like them, I don't like the people they work for, professional race baiters they are.

So, I await your next attack on Williams. After all, he's no longer one of you, no matter how much he grovels.

Oh yeah, I'll apologize for my comments the day your mother apologizes to Julie Hiatt Steele and Monica Lewinsky.

---Steve Gilliard
Steve Gilliard's News Blog

OK, Williams is both greedy and stupid. Greedy in that he didn't need the money. Stupid in that he thought he could take it and not get nailed. The only question is where did the scheme come from, Rod Paige or Karl Rove.

I have to admit, Goldberg's indignation about Williams was comical at best. They coddle all manner of corrupt stooge at NRO, so what is one more.

Oh yeah, he's a nigger.

Now, do you really think they don't use that word around NRO's offices. Maybe not around the boss, because I think his sister-in-law is black, but when it's just white folks talking? Please. Those folks have contempt for Black Republicans, they just hate the rest of us colored folk. They don't give a good goddamn about us, except to create problems for the Dems. Silly negro, end social security, oppose gay marriage, go for vouchers. All of which are either irrelevant or will harm black people. But since they have no respect for our intellect they think we trust them.

Ah yes, the folly of conservative whites and their black lackies. Like we care what they think. Every time they drag up a tom like Vernon Robinson or JC Watts, they wonder why black folks don't follow them. Because no one follows turncoats. The news comes into black homes every night, we know Bush doesn't mean us well, and anyone who follows him doesn't mean us well either. And in the end, we know that they will betray them, like they did Watts. Or just ignore them.

So I am sure to see that the same conservative press which remained mute about Rush "Oxy" Limbaugh, will turn like vultures on poor ol' Armstong.

"He was such a credit to his race"

"What happened to him?"

"You know how those people are. You can't really trust them. Charles Murray is right. They just aren't as smart as we are."

"You know they all want to get rich. They have different morals. You see how they breed babies."

Soon, the same happy negro they fetted at their meetings will be not only persona non grata, but have his private life discussed in detail. Hitting on men and all that.

The Conservatives will smear him, attack him and humiliate him to save themselves. See, he thought he was a member of the club. He forgot to look in the mirror.

Maybe they will save him, but I wouldn't bet money on it.

posted by Steve @ 8:06:00 AM

8:06:00 AM

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