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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Watching the Idiot King Choke

Watching the Idiot King Choke

Okay, didn't realize that Bush was on at 8:30 and not 9. Oh, well, at least I caught an old Star Trek: TNG episode that I actually never saw before--a true rarity.

What's NOT rare on TV tonight: Watching Bush choke.

Man, he looks AWFUL. He is stuttering. He looks like he woke up late. He is rambling. He is not answering questions. He is being FORCED to do this press conference, by whom, we shall find out soon, I suppose. He looks like a teenager at his shotgun wedding.

Ironically, I got a free issue of Craine's. It said that jobs were up in NYC--by a sliver.

Watch that number pitch now.

I can't believe the true depths of the lack of Bush's intelligence, in all ways.

Did anyone else catch his inability to admit that he made a mistake--ever, for ANY decision?

Wonder if Mrs. Kerry is hitting her Rolodex for a good interior decorator. She should; Monkey Boy is moving out soon.

Ooh, nice camera cut to Condi Rice--she looks about as comfortable as...oh, I dunno, someone really uncomfortable. Use Comments to put in your own snappy comparison!

Jesus, this is just AWFUL.

I weep for my country.

I think I'll just finish my eggy rice and go to bed.

posted by Jenonymous @ 9:18:00 PM

9:18:00 PM

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