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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Send a phone card to Walter Reed

Walter Reed Medical Center

This comes from Democratic Underground

So sad...the number ONE request at Walter Reed hospital is phone cards. Because the priority of our government is to continue tax cuts for the likes of Paris Hilton, the government doesn't pay LD phone charges and these guys, many of them amputees, are rationing their calls home.

Many will be there throughout the holidays.

Remember that most are from poor families. It is disgusting that they cannot keep in touch with family after what they have been asked to sacrifice for BushCo; especially this time of year.

Support the troops -- cuz BushCo doesn't. Send phone cards of any amount to:

Medical Family Assistance Center
Walter Reed Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20307-5001

They say they need an "endless" supply of these -- any amount even $5 is greatly appreciated.

Pass up something and send a phone card or two. The more you send, the more they can use.

I am both disgusted and ashamed that this is how wounded servicemen and women are treated. Young men missing limbs, brain damaged, invalided out of the Army. But sadly, I am not surprised. Nightline ran a story on how Marine wives had to raise money for servicemembers families to pay their bills. I remember how Vietnam vets were treated by this country. It's sad to see how little changes.

People concentrate on the protests, but the real shame came years after combat, with drug abuse, alcoholism, spousal abuse, homelessness. America uses their young men in war and then disposes of them like toilet paper.

Yet, more people are concerned with a movie and some swear words most every 12 year old knows and uses frequently. If conservatives weren't completely full of shit about their patriotism, Walter Reed would be swimming in phone cards and help for soldiers families. Tne NRO, Andy Sullivan and Instapundit would be raising tons of cash for these people. But they they only care about war as long as it's a TV show.

posted by Steve @ 9:38:00 PM

9:38:00 PM

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