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Comments by YACCS
Sunday, October 31, 2004

No, I want the grim reaper, not Barbie

Why is little Elizabeth Cheney wearing a mask of her grandfather?

Lynne Cheney, Serial Hypocrite

Everyone remembers Lynne Cheney's feigned outrage that John Kerry would mention the Vice President's daughter in his debate with President Bush. Supposedly Mrs. Cheney believes her family should be kept out of the Presidential contest and left to live their lives in privacy, right?


The closing days of the campaign have turned into an expanded family affair for Vice President Dick Cheney, his wife, Lynne, and their three granddaughters who are traveling with them.

At a campaign rally Sunday, Elizabeth, 7, wore a scary Halloween costume as the Grim Reaper. To howls of laughter, Lynne Cheney introduced Elizabeth as "John Kerry's health plan," highlighting one of the many contentious issues of the campaign.

Kerry wants to expand the insurance system for federal employees to private citizens through tax credits and subsidies, an approach the Bush campaign condemns as government health care.

Mary Cheney, thirtysomething adult, out lesbian who has made money (working for Coors) primarily because she's an out lesbian and her dad is Dick Cheney, and who is a paid employee of BC/04 is, according to Lynne Cheney, off limits to political discussion. However, Lynne Cheney can use her 7 year old granddaughter as a combination runway model/negative political ad to attack the Democratic candidate for President.

Family values my ass.

Update [2004-10-31 17:16:1 by DHinMI]:

The more I think about this, the more cynical is appears.

What are the odds that a 7 year old girl wouldn't want to dress up as something more "girly" or something associated with a character from a cartoon or a movie, but would instead want to dress up as the grim reaper? (And do most 7 year olds even know the archetype of the grim reaper?)

What are the odds that the BC/04 professionals would assent to letting somebody out on the stage dressed as the grim reaper? Is that the image the campaign would want to foster, that death is shadowing the BC04 campaign?

Is it just coincidental that this 7 year old dressed up as the grim reaper, and Lynne Cheney had a spontaneous moment of mirth and ad-libbed the line about the grim reaper and Kerry's health care plan, insinuating a link between Kerry's plan for health with the symbol for death?

This was a deliberate act of using an innocent 7 year old to perform a hit job on a political rival.

These people know no shame.

Maybe that's their idea of being a princess?

Seriously, most little girls at seven range from barbie princess to Snow White and ballerina. Playing Chess with Max Von Sydow usually doesn't come to mind. My niece went as Rapunzel.

As I watched the Skins get spanked by the Pack today, assuring a Kerry victory, as if the lack of non-true believer GOP support for Bush wasn't enough, little kids came by my friend's bar to ask for candy, which went pretty quickly. We could have given them shots of chilled SoCo, but it's against the law to get small children drunk, some nonsense about endangering the welfare of a minor or something.

While I sat there, glancing from screen to screen and stepping outside for a breather, while other people smoked, you can't smoke indoors in NY, hundreds of kids passed by. Ninjas, Scream masks, princesses, doctors, even a two year old fireman. But no little girls dressed up as Death. Not one, and I saw a bunch of kids going store to store, a couple of hundred at least. All ages. Not one girl as the grim reaper. Not one.

Cynical would be a nice way to describe this. I'd say disgusting myself. I have never heard of a little girl who would choose the Grim Reaper over, oh, Barbie Princess with a pink gown. Her grandparents did that and they should be ashamed.

posted by Steve @ 9:04:00 PM

9:04:00 PM

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