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Comments by YACCS
Sunday, October 31, 2004

The last Nader article

one more wack at the prick

Read about Ralph Nader's supporters. The people he thinks he's using to force the Democrats to change.

* The ultra-conservative Arno Political Consultants firm that has directed ballot-qualification efforts for GOP icons Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr, Bob Dole, Pete Wilson, and Bob Dornan and whose client list features a virtual Who's Who of the corporate cartels and anti-progressive groups Nader routinely claims to oppose (including the National Rifle Association, U.S. English, the California Timber Association, Mobil Oil, Occidental Petroleum, Phillip Morris, Wal-Mart, and numerous Republican Party committees).

* Arno's Florida-based subcontractors JSM Inc. that directed illegal, deadbeat petition drives on behalf of Ralphie in numerous states, including West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Criminal charges are now pending against their shady solicitors in several states.

* The ultra-conservative former executive director of the Arizona Republican Party Nathan Sproul, a major GOP fundraiser, along with former Republican AZ Governor Fife Symington's attorney Lisa Hauser, associated with numerous other rightwing causes. Nathan Sproul has now been implicated in Republican voter registration fraud in Nevada, Oregon, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

* George Bush Sr's White House political director Dave Carney, owner of the ultra-conservative Norway Hill Associates consultant firm - that provided illegal, in-kind contributions to St. Ralph's ballot campaigns.

* The shady Choices for America rightwing nonprofit, founded by Nevada-based GOP apparatchik Steve Wark, scheming to prop up Ralphie's ballot drives and funnel donations from other conservatives.

* The Michigan Republican Party that collected 45,000 signatures to qualify St. Ralph for that ballot, then cast aside all pretense to intervene with a lawsuit on behalf of their proxy. The Wisconsin Republican Party, that orchestrated an underground petition drive masquerading as 'progressive' Naderites.

* Former GOP Arkansas state senator Doyle Webb II, chief of staff to state Republican Party chairman Win Rockefeller, the state's lieutenant governor; GOP state Rep. Michael Lamoureaux; Little Rock GOP chairwoman Martha McCaskill; five minions of the Republican Party's coordinated campaign; and former state GOP chairwoman Phyllis Kincannon - just a snippet of Nader petitioners in one state.

* The radical-right Oregon Family Council along with chapters of the reactionary Citizens for a Sound Economy both in that state and various others across the nation.

* George W. Bush 2000 Florida recount lawyer Ken Sukhia who along with the chairman of the Florida Republican Party maneuvered Ralphie onto that ballot.

* Buchananite Reform Party Chairman Shawn O'Hara, outspoken, revisionist defender of Samuel Bowers, former Imperial Wizard of the KKK in Mississippi.

* Innumerable Republican Party lackeys and minions (such as Colorado Republican Party Treasurer Richard Westfall and former Virginia Republican Party offical Jim Polk) who have orchestrated St. Ralph's campaigns in various states or otherwise twisted the law on his behalf (e.g., hyperpartisan Jeb! elections whore Glenda Hood).

* And, finally, we can add the insidious backers of the Swift Boat Veterans for 'Truth' malevolent smear campaign against John Kerry's heroic service in Vietnam, who are also fundraising for their sketchy bedfellow Ralph Nader.

Look at the list of scumbags that Nader let use him to reelect Bush. All of these people are whale shit low.

I know most of the people here are planning to elect John Kerry and send Bush packing back to the pig farm, but for those diehard Nader supporters, let me take one final swing.

Nader has betrayed every principle he's worked his entire life for. Liberals and progressives stand on the brink of electing the most progressive candidate to run for President since 1972, and unlike then, his campaign has been professional and on target.

What does the creaky old Nader offer liberals and progressives more than the German Communist suicide pact. Make things so bad they will all become radicals? Yeah, that worked, right up to the gates of Dachau. Nader is invested in all that is right and pure in his mind. Anyone who opposes him is just wrong.

Nader is also a fantasist. Just like Alex Cockburn. Both of who hope we don't notice that they are wealthy men. They aren't workers, never have been or will be. They don't like workers and never have. They have their coterie of college trained groupies and that's the end of the day for them. Don't talk to me about radical politics. I've seen them up close, and most of it is a giantic circle jerk.

Like the guy who posted on Kos for the Green candidate running for Senate in New York.

Look, Chuck Schumer may listen to Ariel Sharon too much, but I don't live in Israel, I live in New York, and he delivers. In a multiparty state like New York, why haven't the Greens taken root? Because they're a sad little joke. The Working Families party, just as left, but union and minority based, and a true left alternative after the Liberal party collapsed. The Greens can't even play in New York's permissive party environment and we're supposed to take them seriously? Why? Notice the complextion of the Greens in New York, compare them to Working Families and see what the difference is.

We need to solve problems, not be right. Being right means nothing if Bush is reelected. It won't mean shit when you're running laps in Ft. Jackson after you're drafted. We have many problems to solve and that greedy fucking egotist Nader is not part of that.

I saw a couple of old people collecting cash for him on a street corner. The young black and latino kids passing by didn't even notice them. The whites just ignored them. But this was on the East Side. On the West Side, they would have been cursed at.

Nader always wanted the left to work on his terms. Social justice was never on his agenda and he derided it.

Until Howard Dean smacked the left upside the head and made participatory politics a reality, Nader had turned it into the consumer party, where we fought hardest to protect our right to consume safely. He never cared about the realities people lived under. He was a cruel miser who lies about his millions. He doesn't live in our world and his desire to be right outweighs building coaltions to win things that matter.

There's been this talk about vote trading.


Do NOT agree to vote for Nader in a "safe" state. There are NO safe states. Utah, Texas, New York. None. The larger the popular vote margin for Kerry, the more power he will have. We cannot let him be attacked like Clinton was and the first place to start is to get him as many popular votes as possible. One's conscience should make people want to vote for Kerry. If they want to vote for the draft, and war, they shoulod vote for Bush and eliminate the middleman.

If expats could come home to campaign for Kerry, don't piss away your vote.

posted by Steve @ 11:57:00 AM

11:57:00 AM

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