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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, September 30, 2004

We say Kerry won

Debate winner

I just heard Tweety say Kerry was eight points behind, which we know is bullshit for two reasons: one, new voters are flooding in like a human wave attack and they're mostly registering Democratic, two, most of the major polls have flaws which are worthy of note.

Besides, there's only one number which counts and it's the 50 percent line. Bush hasn't crossed it and Rove knows his boy is losing.

Anyway, more on that later. Right now, we're going to spin the debate.

It doesn't matter what Kerry actually does in the debate. He could run drooling from the atage in tears and wimpering. DOES NOT MATTER.

He absolutely crushed Bush, just made him look like an idiot and an embarassment.

You're going to call C-Span Friday morning, write your local newspaper and participate in online polls and say the following things:

"George Bush was completely inarticulate. I still don't understand what he meant about Iraq"

"I am so disappointed in Bush. We're seeing carbombs explode every day in Iraq and he won't admit failure"

"Bush thinks this is about him. Meanwhile American soldiers are dying in Iraq every day"

"Why won't Bush admit he blew the hunt for Osama Bin Laden"


"John Kerry convinced me he can do something about Iraq"

I think Kerry is better on Iraq than Bush"

"I'm going to vote for Kerry, I no longer trust the president"

"Bush lost my confidence last night. He just falls short against Kerry"

"I can't believe that Bush embarassed himself like that. It's amazing he's president".

As long as you hit the high points, Kerry was good, Bush was bad, and you can no longer vote for him, then you're doing your job. See, the idea is to create the feeling of defection and loss among Republicans. Not the truth, not the reality of your opinion, but a groundswell of movement away from Bush. And if you're in a swing state, all the better.

See, like with the draft, the issue isn't reality, but perception. And the idea is to create the perception that Bush's debate performance is repelling moderates and independents. Atrios mentioned trying to dominate the online polls on Air America's Majority Report, I say ramp it up a level, and go to the newspapers and C-Span. The GOP likes to play this game, let's play it harder than they imagined or like.

Oh yeah, join the Kerry Debate response team

And ACT's team

We're not trying to be right, we're trying to win.

posted by Steve @ 1:00:00 AM

1:00:00 AM

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