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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, September 30, 2004

We gotta get out of this place

Rescue me, Tony Blair

Save me, Mr. Blair

Caged hostage begs for life

in Washington, D.C.
in New York

Briton Ken Bigley pleads with British Prime Minister Tony Blair to save him from Iraqi kidnappers in video aired on Al Jazeera.

Chained and shackled and caged like an animal, British hostage Ken Bigley sobbed into a terrorist's camera and moved America's staunchest ally to say he is willing to "respond" to the men who beheaded the captive's two U.S. colleagues.

"Tony Blair is lying, he is lying when he said he's negotiated. He has not negotiated. My life is cheap. He doesn't care about me," Bigley moaned yesterday.

Forced to crouch in a tiny cage and dressed in an orange jumpsuit, Bigley addressed Blair directly: "I am begging you for my life. Have some compassion, please."


But the pressure on Blair brought by Bigley's video - the second released by his criminal captors - was undeniable. And all the more so because of the footage, aired on Al Jazeera, of the chains circling the 62-year-old civil engineer's neck and binding his wrists and ankles.

Blair may be just trying to buy time by saying he's willing to "respond" to the terrorists, U.S. officials and outside experts told the Daily News. None expect Blair to cave in to al-Zarqawi.

The prime minister most likely is hoping to launch a rescue mission, a senior Bush administration official said.

"Blair has been a steadfast supporter of the war on terror and he understands the stakes," the official told The News.

Are they fucking kidding?

Rescue mission?

Is there any place in Iraq which looks like Princess Gate or Mogudishu? No? Now, you tell me how an SAS troop is going to find this guy in a city of 400,000-500,000 people. Much less spring him and get him out alive.

Seen any picture of helicopter assaults lately? No? Why?

Because one $100 RPG is a lot cheaper than a million dollar helicopter. And the minute that a helo is heard, the locals will run outside and fill the air with cheap grenades.

Blair better pray the kidnappers want money more than to sink his government. Because if they decide to be ruthless, they will kill this man and stick a sign on him : killed for George Bush. That would cause Blair insane problems at home.

The Administration is in some dark Gotterdamerung-type fantasyland where commandos solve all your problems like Rainbow Six. Well, this is the real world. This isn't going to happen and rescue is a faint hope, at best.

Hey, if the Brits can find him and spring him, it would be good. But I doubt that's gonna happen with the current shitty state of intel in Iraq.

posted by Steve @ 1:00:00 PM

1:00:00 PM

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