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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Supporting the troops

Bush loves you, yes he does

This is an e-mail sent to me by a reader

Dear Steve,

I, along with countless others I'm sure, am an avid reader of your News Blog. I have written something that I would like to share with you. I hope that you may find it of some value when reminding people of exactly how we can support our troops, and to me that is by voting. It is a little lengthy, and follows below:

How Bush Supports Our Troops

Day after day, I've been listening to this Administration, the hate-filled right-wing talking heads, and the lazy media day in and day out claim that they support the troops while Bush and Cheney spew out vicious lies and propaganda.

They say that a vote for Kerry is equivalent to a vote for the terrorists, and that any voice of dissent to their catastrophe of a war gives 'aid and comfort' to the terrorists while 'lowering troop morale'. This is the lowest tactic I've seen used in political history, and those that repeat these lies are doing nothing but playing with fear and facism.

The only people giving aid and comfort to the terrorists are Bush and his Administration. So I have a few words of advice for this Administration and every other idiot hack who repeats this venom:

- Sending our troops to war without adequate protection such as body armor tends to lower troop morale. I'm sure the terrorists are also comforted to know that our troops aren't as protected as they should be as well.

-Sending our troops to war without an ample amount of the basic necessities, such as water, tends to lower troop morale.

-Cutting a soldier's pay while they are at war and putting further burden on their families back home tends to lower troop morale.

-Watching the 'independent contractors' hired by our government earn in a few months what they may earn in a few years while having to protect these 'contractors', tends to lower troop morale.

-Refusing to acknowledge the facts about the situation on the ground in Iraq, and refusing to tell the truth to the rest of America about how dangerous their mission really is, tends to lower troop morale.

-Refusing to listen to the advice of the top commanders in charge of the troops and instead choosing cherry-picked intelligence from those who obviously don't know what in the hell they're talking about, tends to lower troop morale.

-Two words: Stop-Loss. Implementing an obvious back-door draft just may tend to lower the ****ing troop morale!

-Having your validation for being sent to war (WMD, and sorry, the old decrepit unfunctional weapons they *found* that date back to the 80s don't count) be completely blown out of the water, tends to lower troop morale.

-Watching the Commander in Chief joke about the 'missing' WMD by shoving his head between his legs (a position I'm sure Bush is quite comfortable with) probably isn't all that ****ing funny to the troops on the ground who are actually doing the searching, and I doubt the families of those who died while searching in vain for those pesky WMDs find it all that funny either. It just may lower the ****ing troop morale!

-Having the troops risk life and limb based on political expediency (Fallujah), not letting them finish the job, and sending mixed messages such as this, tends to lower troop morale!

-Hearing the President and his top level cabinet members continuously contradict themselves regarding the state of the war, tends to lower troop morale!

-Attending the funeral of one fallen British soldier while steadfastly refusing to honor even one fallen American soldier here at home, tends to lower troop morale!

-Refusing to acknowledge over 7,000 wounded soldiers who have had their young lives forever changed in the service of this catastrophic pre-emptive war of choice, lowers troop morale.

-Serving fake turkey for a photo-op to troops who were forced to sign a loyalty oath just to watch you smirk for the cameras while the rest got nothing but MREs, lowers troop morale.

-Watching people who support Bush sport band-aids with little purple hearts colored on them not only insults every veteran this country has ever had, it lowers the ****ing troop morale when they wonder if they will be the next to be ridiculed for the medals they earned!

-Telling the world that you don't "give much thought" to Osama Bin Laden, the man who was actually responsible for the deaths of over 3,000 on the "day that changed everything", but instead opt to start a war that has accomplished nothing but multiplying the terrorists "faster than we can kill them", lowers troop morale.

-A 0 for 5,000 conviction rate of terrorists using the PATRIOT ACT which strips Americans of their civil liberties at home, the same liberties our troops are supposedly fighting for, lowers troop morale.

-Punishing a 'few bad apples' that committed the atrocities at Abu Ghraib and tainted the good name of the American military while letting those who authorized the actions of those 'few bad apples' walk away without so much as a slap on the wrist lowers troop morale!

-Deeming the Geneva Conventions that were set in place not only to protect the prisoners of war of other countries, but designed to protect our troops in the event they should be captured, irrelevent and leaving our soldiers open to torture, lowers troop morale!

-Sending our troops to war without a plan to win the peace and an exit plan to bring them home, lowers the ****ing troop morale!

This is what you support when you support Bush. I am beyond sick and tired of being labeled as an 'unpatriotic person who gives aid and comfort to the terrorists' simply because I choose to open my eyes, speak truth to power, and throw away those famous rose-colored glasses that Bush is so fond of wearing these days. I choose to see the reality of the situation, and the fact of the matter is, you couldn't do a better job of supporting the terrorist cause than by voting Bush into office this November. I'm sorry, but slapping a yellow ribbon on your ass while endorsing this Administration isn't going to make things any better.

In the famous words of Peter Finch, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!!"

Thank you for all that you do,

posted by Steve @ 10:33:00 AM

10:33:00 AM

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