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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, September 30, 2004

School tequila party

Those kids need a nice glass of....

margaritas. If the rich kids can drink, why not everyone else? Margaritas for ALL kids, not just the rich.

'Limeade' Packs a Punch
Staff Slip Gives Liquor to Children at Alexandria Private School

By Valerie Strauss
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, September 29, 2004; Page B01

It was not the sort of letter a school delights in sending home to its families.

"Dear Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Parents:

"It is with great regret that I tell you that your child may have been exposed to alcohol today at lunch," said the missive signed by Alexander Harvey IV, head of the private Alexandria Country Day School.

It was tequila and margarita mix, to be precise, left in the refrigerator in a pitcher and mistaken for limeade by kitchen staff, who poured it into small cups and served it to children as a lunch treat, he wrote.

Some youngsters didn't like the smell and declined; others took a sip and declared it "gross," according to parents and Harvey.

An administrator who realized something was wrong started investigating, Harvey said, and quickly discovered that the limeade was really liquor -- although it is unclear why the kitchen staff didn't notice. It had been left over, he said, from a party two days earlier at the school for the staff, faculty and Board of Trustees.

Harvey told parents in the letter that everybody in the school, with 240 students from kindergarten through eighth grade who pay tuition from $14,200 to $15,600, was informed the same day, Sept. 10.

I guess it was "lets get your kids fucked up day" at school. Usually I thought that took place in your senior year of high school, maybe junior if you ran with the potheads.

Didn't anyone notice the faint whiff of fucking tequila in the mix? Hell, I watched Jen polish off a pint glass of margaritas two Sundays ago, I could smell the tequila across the table. Now, I tend not to like tequila myself, especially after my last birthday (long story), but I mean, shit, if you work with kids and serve booze to adults, you might want to dump the booze before class starts.

At least the kids noticed it reeked of oh, tequila.

You know, in a DC public school, people would be fired. But here, they're just preparing them for prep school.

Imagine two kids at Exeter, arguing:

Well, I started drinking in eighth grade.

Pussy, I started drinking in third grade, at school. Top that, punk.

posted by Steve @ 1:04:00 AM

1:04:00 AM

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