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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Fear of a draft board

Draft Board member Alvin C. York, WWI Medal of Honor winner

Voter registration drive. Is fear of the draft driving new voters to the polls?

If you've noticed the whiff of fear from the GOP while the press has missed the shifting dynamics of the race, you aren't alone.

In two days, two different Republican Secretaries of State have tried to suppress new voter registrations. In Ohio and Colorado, various games have gone on to limit the explosion of new voters.


Because Karl Rove's gameplan was to register every evangelical he could while hoping the Dems did what they usually do, targeted campaigns among unions and minorities.

Instead, ACT has changed the rules of the game. After a shaky start, they have enrolled massive numbers of new voters, and the supposedly neutral MTV is running a scare the shit out of everybody choose or lose ad centering around the draft. In Ohio and Florida, it's like 10-1 ratio.

This wasn't expected and has more potential impact than the ad wars.

Also, losses in Iraq are driving young men to register to save their asses from Iraq.

The Rove gameplan is having the wheels fly off as Dem leaning voters are regisgtering in numbers unpredicted by the GOP. And what's worse, is that the last month will be filled with the most intense and well-funded GOTV effort in history. Which is why the RNC sent out that liberals banning the bible/faggots marrying mailer. They know if any part of their base stays home, it's not only over for Bush, but at least one House of Congress. The potential collaspe has spread beyond Bush and into the Senate and House. Mainly because Dems have access to internet money unavailable in past cycles.

The election isw coming down to Iraq and the odds of going there and the security mom is outnumbered by the don't send my kid to Iraq mom. While women with younger kids may trust Bush, women with teenagers certainly don't. The fear of a draft is growing daily and they don't trust Bush. Not that I think Congress will support it, but to be honest, the more desperate Bush gets, the more I wouldn't want to bet a teenager's life on it.

The prospect of a draft, after the deaths of so many young people, haunts parents, scares them silly. And with fewer loopholes, the hint of desperation is growing.

Now, as I've said in the past, the military doesn't want a draft for many reasons, but Bush may do anything to win in Iraq, except send his kids over there. Even the discussion of the draft is bad news for Bush. And having been defined as a liar in the media, a lot of people do not trust him to be honest about this issue.

posted by Steve @ 1:58:00 PM

1:58:00 PM

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