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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Make it Stop

What most New Yorkers feel like doing right now

Okay...please...MAKE IT STOP ALREADY! Jesus H. Christ Esquire, I can't turn on the freaking TV this MONTH I guess. Between the Rethuglican convention (BAAAARF), the pundits on every single channel spouting BS (B-B-B-BLAAARGH!!), and the US-centric news on every single station (Jen runs out of barf; starts heaving up large internal organs and chunks of soft tissue), we all have to deal with 9/11 specials that seem to be on every freaking channel that's normally worth watching (Loud wet popping/squishing sound as Jen's head explodes).

I mean it! Is there no JUSTICE? I don't have "real" cable; just local stations and whatever else that Time Warner doesn't bother to scramble when it gives New Yorkers their legally-mandated unscrambled locals. It's like the networks didn't miss a beat--straight from Convention Dreck to 9/11 Nightmare Reruns. If we have to watch 9/11 stuff in NYC, I should get free 200-channel cable until the weekend is over. At least let me space out in front of Japanimation and 1950's TV.

Um, HELLO! Most New Yorkers do NOT especially care if the rest of the country wants to "memorialize" 9/11--those of us who were there just want to go a single day without having to see the same footage--the planes crashing, the towers collapsing, and the other nightmare images. What everyone else seems to forget is the stuff that the rest of us saw that they DIDN'T show on the the news--the constant horrible hailstorm of bodies as people jumped. Body parts turning up in unexpected places for weeks. The stench of burning flesh. I remember the Thursday after; they were squirting disinfectant on the smoldering wreck, and the combination of burning flesh and sickly-sweet hospital disinfectant--boiling--was drifting in clouds across the water into Brooklyn for the next 48 hours, until it rained.

To add insult to injury, I missed the Tank Time with Gilly due to a weeklong, still-ongoing sinus infection/flu. Even after a week of Zithromax, my ear still has enough fluid in it to fill a pint glass. So, for the past ten days, I have been getting up, going to the office, and going home. What do you usually do if you're sick? Um, WATCH TV! And I COULDN'T.



Oh, yeah, and I had a major family event this weekend also, so I couldn't even sleep. The hotel lobby (which was in the middle of nowhere--no escape!) blasted CNN 24/7. At least the hurricaine footage was mildy amusing--which made up almost for the pundits yelling about "how well the cops in NYC thwarted those protestors." It was drizzly so I couln't sit outside.

And the catering help spilled an entire plateful of dirty silverware down my back--on my new, expensive silk outfit, which I cashed in gift certificates to get. Okay, that's not really newsworthy, but it sort of sets the mood and lets you know where I'm at mentally right now.

But at least it gave me something to think about other than the TV.

Can someone please just put me in suspended animation until the election? Take me out to go to work, put me away after dinner and a bath, and tell me when it's time to vote. I can't deal with any more Emeril Laghasse (sp?) or WLIW-21 Fundraiser programs.

Sorry. Had to post this. Thanks for listening.

They should give Alton Brown all of Emeril's airtime. But I digress.

Thanks for listening.

posted by Jenonymous @ 8:30:00 PM

8:30:00 PM

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