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Monday, August 30, 2004

Working in the tank

Working out of the Tank, not really, but I like the pun

Rightwing Congressman caught up in gay sex scandal.

No shit. Why am I not shocked beyond all reason.

The story broke on Blogactive and hit the mainstream via Kos and Atrios, who ate sitting, oh, 10 feet from me.

Congressman Ed Schrock had a little problem. He liked to troll for men on an online phone dating service. Which would be cool, if he weren't A: married, B: a cosponsor of the Family Marriage Amendment, or the Nuremberg law Hitler missed. Now, he's going to have to develop that law practice or something. And probably find a new place to live. But since he's from Virginia Beach, he should have no problem finding gay men for frolicing with.

Not bad for a C-list blogger, as according to a certain racist law professor obssesed with copyright law.

The thing is that the set up at the Tank, where all the liberal bloggers are based is one of the cooler setups for covering the convention. True, we're not being lavished upon like Howie Kurtz and the credentialed reporters, but we can relax, chat, and have the occasional drink and work in a stable, air conditioned environment with sane people.

The thing is that this allows people to build trust and create an atmosphere of respect. We're bloggers and when we get in trouble, we'll all stick up for each other, or I hope so. It's kinda neat being an independent voice with independent voices.

The fact is that face to face meeting makes things easier. Because you need to build trust. Working reporters tend to at least know each other. Bloggers work alone, unless something happens. So hanging out at the Tank makes for connections with real people.

It's easy to forget that there is a human behind every post and comment. This reminds you that there is.

posted by Steve @ 8:08:00 PM

8:08:00 PM

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