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Comments by YACCS
Sunday, August 29, 2004

Oh my God, it's that's pesky First Amendment again

Violent protestor fighting cops in large brawl

So what the fuck was Eric Alterman going on about.

Oh, the protest will embarass us. We can't have people speaking their minds or something like that. We all must make sure we don't offend the GOP.

Fuck this nonsense. I know Alterman lives in New York, so how did he so misread the city. All of the protests have been peaceful. No one wants to mess with the cops. They just really, really, really dislike Bush. And if the GOP was smart, they would take the hint.

Chicago, 1968 and Miami, 1972 was nothing, pikers compared to this mass outpouring of anger and contempt. This is at least a quarter of a million people in midtown, suggesting that they dislike Bush, rather intensely.

There has never been this kind of march against a sitting president and his nominating convention. It is a loud and blunt outpouring of open hostility. New York is a perfect place to express open hostility. And we do it with such style.

New Yorkers usually act with common sense and don't burn down their city,unlike the folks in LA. So why would we let people smash in a few Starbucks and run back to Scarsdale?

Unless the cops and firefighters go off, real violence, not just disorderly conduct, will be the bulk of the arrests.

I do not think, even in the middle of a hot spell, people want to argue with the cops. The beef is with Bush and (insert leftist phrase of the day-imperial regime, et al) not the NYPD. So what would be the point of punishing them?

The irony is that the ANSWER march and rally just fizzled out yesterday and the women's march dominated the news cycle. Whatever they planned to hijack with their march, didn't catch fire and whatever energy was there went to the UFPJ rally today.

I think Bush might find New York was a bad idea for a convention.

posted by Steve @ 4:22:00 PM

4:22:00 PM

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