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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Jude Soros

Is he merely a money-grubbing Jew or drug dealing Jew. The right needs to make up its mind

You'll remember a couple days ago we noted House Speaker Denny Hastert suggesting that George Soros may get his money from drug cartels or other such groups.

I've talked to reporters who've asked Hastert this around the convention hall. And he's been aggressively restating the 'charge.' I'm told he even shoved his finger in the chest of one of them when repeating it.

Now Soros has written this letter to Hastert, asking him to put up or shut up, or, more specifically "either substantiate these claims -- which you canont do because they are false -- or publicly apologize for attempting to defame my character and damage my reputation."

Whatever you think of Soros, this is the sort of slur that only comes from a real pig. And to think that the author of it is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and out in the light of day.
-- Josh Marshall

Pig, yes, idiot, surely.

Unless there is some master plan, George Soros could bankrupt Denny Hastert and go after his seat, prevent him from a post-Congress lobbying career or just sue his ass back to the Stone Age.

Hastert is a stupid hatchet man, but like with the purple heart insults, a lot of people are wandering off the reservation. But fucking with a billionaire? That's just fucking stupid. I mean, Soros lets a lot slide, but accusing him of being a member of a drug cartel is insane.

And his letter is basically a retract or be sued for libel/slander demand. It's something I'd take very seriously, because unless there's some state secrets lying around, Hastert has no defense, and the lie is driven by his support of liberal causes.

Why is it such a stupid thing to say, repeatedly?

Because while you can claim some things as opinion, this is a lie designed to harm Soros's career and political viability. It is a lie without basis in fact and designed to harm, the textbook case of libel/slander.

Oh yeah, there is the Zyklon B whiff of gross anti-semitism.

posted by Steve @ 6:06:00 PM

6:06:00 PM

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