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Comments by YACCS
Monday, August 30, 2004

John Kerry, Cancer Man

He had cancer, don't vote for him

Media silent on Kerry's cancer
Sunday, August 29, 2004

I am a former cancer victim in my third year of what I hope to be a successful remission. It is therefor disturbing to find that apart from ABC's Peter Jennings' inquiries about Sen. John Kerry's fairly recent encounter with prostate cancer, the issue appears to have been totally avoided by the media.

Kerry is seeking the presidency. Is that a responsible undertaking for anyone who could well be faced with a recurrence of cancer? Is Kerry truly confident that Sen. John Edwards, a first-term senator, is ready and qualified to replace him should that happen a year or so into a President Kerry's first term in office?

Before too long, Kerry should be asked the following question during a prime-time TV appearance: "In this time when the United States faces an extended war against terror, is the nation best served by a president who has not so long ago been a victim of cancer?"

The U.S. public deserves an honest answer.



Bush backers' scare tactics Sunday, August 29, 2004

A representative of the Bush campaign called recently, asking if she could count on me to vote for him in November. I am a registered independent voter.

After a short, respectful discussion, she asked if I knew that Kerry had had cancer. She added that a patient is not truly a "cancer survivor" until one is cancer-free for five years.

The message was clear: I should not vote for Kerry for fear that he will have a recurrence while in office. A February 2003 Reuters article noted that after surgery to remove his prostate, Kerry's doctor gave him a 95 percent chance of being cancer-free in 10 years.

This is another excellent example of the scare tactics used by the Bush administration and its supporters. Thank you, caller, for reinforcing my conviction that I will not vote for an administration that deliberately instills fear among its constituents for political gain.

ROD LUNDBERG Southwest Portland

Are Bush's internals that bad?

He had prostate cancer. And was treated early and successfully for it. Just like Rudy Giuliani.

I mean, bringing up his prostate cancer as a reason to not vote for him? What the fuck? This is even dumber than the Swift Boat ads and deeply offensive to millions of cancer survivors and their families. My father had cancer and survived, hell, he kept working for years after. Steven Spielberg is a cancer survivor as well, as are millions of people. Using this against Kerry is not only offensive, and wrong, but stupid. Very, very stupid.

Now they're push polling his cancer and treatment. Jesus, I'd love to see what Rove is reading. And since the President is deeply involved in his campaign, this has to be part of the game plan.

What's next? His ability to speak French fluently?

posted by Steve @ 9:08:00 AM

9:08:00 AM

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