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Comments by YACCS
Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Give to Bush ACT

Cowards of a feather flock together

Dear Steve,

Hey, moolie (well, why should he talk to me differently than he talked to my elected representatives?)

Last night, in Madison Square Garden, I took the stage at the Republican National Convention to speak to America about the threats we face in the world, the events we have been through together over the last three years, and the clear, steady leadership of President George W. Bush that has guided us through these difficult times.

Kind of like your leadership helped your family during your serial adultery. Your whore wife was sitting near Darth Cheney last night. I bet your kids felt great seeing that.

Millions of Americans tuned their TVs to convention coverage last night and heard my words. And many more will hear the words of others who will come before our convention. They will hear our story.

Your lies, Rudy, your lies.

Will you help us tell the story to those who don't tune in?

Goddamn right. I certainly will, Mayor serial adulterer

President Bush has been the steady hand we need in these times of uncertainty and danger. He understands the stakes. He makes decisions based on deeply held beliefs, not the political winds. He chooses to fight terror in places like Baghdad and Kabul, rather than New York and Kansas. It is the right way to fight this enemy and it is a fight we must win.

Yes, as if Al Qaeda isn't a world wide organization. All those battles in Fallujah sure kept Madrid safe, right? What the fuck do you think terrorists are? Some kind of Army? They're all over the world, cretin. What happens in Iraq doesn't mean shit to New York.

In order to keep the pressure on al-Qaeda, we must keep George W. Bush in the White House. In order to take the fight to our enemies, we must have the strength of conviction, and support for our Armed Forces. This is not a fight for those who talk tough, and then leave our troops unarmed. This is not a fight for those who talk about the need for better intelligence, but have a history of voting against it.

Yes, after all, Osama is facing trial today in New York....what, he isn't?

This is not a fight that favors sensitivity and nuance. This is a fight that requires strength, determination and resolve.

So why has Bush called for a more sensititve war. I don't need lessons on toughness from a second generation draft dodger.The ONLY time your old man was tough was when he was knocking heads for the Mob. When it came to serving his country, he freely admitted he was a convicted felon and ineligible for the draft, even though other people with criminal records were eager to serve. Save your fake machismo for the families of innocent people murdered by the police and your mistresses.

Will you help ensure this fight is won by contributing $1000, $500, $250, $100 or even $50 to the President's campaign?

No, actually, I'll send that amount to ACT If Giuliani and his fellow lying fucks piss you off, send the money to ACT

I hope I can count on you to help me tell this story. As you watch the convention tonight, you will know that you have helped us reach millions that may not be watching. You have spread the message to those who may not watch, but need to know.

Yeah, spread the lies and the insult. Not only have I made millions off the bodies of the dead, I want to run for higher office on their corpses. Necromancy, the best tool possible for a rising pol. They only let the dead vote in Jersey City, I plan to have them walk side by side for me.

You will make the difference.

That's goddamn right. Give generously to ACT. Remember. Every dime you give will help register voters and fight for a real democracy in America. Tasking back our government, one citizen at a time.


Rudy Giuliani

posted by Steve @ 10:07:00 AM

10:07:00 AM

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