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Monday, August 30, 2004

Donnie McClurkin, closet case at the RNC

I have tasted penis

Bush backer gives some straight talk

Gospel singer Donnie McClurkin - who'll perform Thursday night at the Republican Convention before President Bush's acceptance speech - is ex-gay and proud.

Actually, the 44-year-old McClurkin calls himself a "reformed bisexual." "I was involved at one time in bisexuality, but it was God that delivered me from that," McClurkin told Lowdown.

"There is a way out, there is change, there is another way," added the Grammy-winning artist, who's the father of a young son as well as the pastor of the Perfecting Faith nondenominational church in Freeport, N.Y.

"Those that want help, I am here to help. There may be someone at the convention that the message could reach."

McClurkin said a staffer from First Lady Laura Bush's office first asked him if he'd sing in Madison Square Garden. "My response was, 'Anything for the President,' " he said. "I'm going to pray with the President. We'll shoot the breeze and we'll say a general prayer."

For McClurkin, maintaining a strong heterosexual identity has been a continual struggle.

"It was a progression of years around '88, '89. It's not like you just stop smoking," McClurkin explained. "There are still some thoughts. You're subject to the memories of the past. But I understand who I am now."

And does he agree with the President that the Constitution should be amended to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman?

"I sure do," McClurkin said. "Because that's what I had - a mom and a dad." McClurkin sure isn't afraid of controversy.

He's quoted on the Christian Broadcasting Network's Web site as harshing homosexuals: "I'm not in the mood to play with those who are trying to kill our children."

McClurkin's publicist, Erma Byrd, insisted yesterday that the incendiary comment has been taken out of context.

Oh, so he was on the down low, huh?

So he just stopped sucking dick, right? Sure, and one day I'll stop lusting after women.

When he was sucking dick and assfucking, it was OK, now the homos are trying to "kill our kids". Uh, Donnie, you ARE a homo. I've lived 39 years and I've never had a "bisexual" moment. Never wanted to be naked with another man. Not once.

Yeah, right. One time. If he walked into a room and oh, Leonardo Di Caprio was naked on the bed, we'd see how "reformed" he is. I mean, this guy is lying about where his dick is going and people tolerate this crap. He's a reformed bisexual my ass. Well, I don't think I'd let him get near my ass, honestly. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I'm an active heterosexual and I really don't have to struggle with that. Any time you have to struggle, you still wanna do it.

Kill our kids? When he was on the down low, was he killing kids?

Out of context?

Just another homophobe/closet case for Hatefest, 2004.

posted by Steve @ 9:42:00 AM

9:42:00 AM

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