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Comments by YACCS
Sunday, August 29, 2004

Angertown pt.4

Peasants protest the Dauphin

I'm sitting here in the Tank, the blogger HQ for hatefest 2004, the RNC. It's interesting, in that you get to actually put faces to names, but the whole vibe is much better than Boston. Why? Because it's better to be on the the outside looking in, than on the inside looking out.

From early reports, the march may be the largest in New York City in 40 years. So many people that movement up and down the march is at a crawl. Which for New York is amazing.

The strange thing about covering an event as massive as the march is that as a writer, you have two choices, do your own walking, or listen to other people's stories. Given the fact that my constitution isn't up for a four mile walk in 90 degree heat, my ass is here, away from the action.

Getting here was two bus rides and a cab ride and that's weird, even for NY. Some protest blocked 42nd Street, and thus began my round about trip.

I'm now arguing with my donut, I've had three, telling it, like Homer Simpson, that it isn't a substitute for lunch. And it it's not. It is not a lunch, forget healthy and nutritious. Journalism,even of the blogger kind, is not good for your stomach.

What I want to do is to have people post here about their protest experiences. I'll leave a protest thread open every day, so people can record their own experiences.

If people want to send me pictures, use the e-mail link with your name, so you can get credit, and I'll post them. The more the merrier.

This thread is open for observations, comments and impressions of the march.

posted by Steve @ 3:14:00 PM

3:14:00 PM

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