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Comments by YACCS
Monday, June 28, 2004

Crazy: the Ralph Nader version

Crazy, I'm just crazy

Hey, Michael, Where Were Your Friends?

Once upon a time, there was Michael Moore the First. He never forgot his friends. Come time for the Washington, DC premiere of Bowling for Columbine a while back, he invited his old buddies in Washington—gave them good seats and spent the rest of the evening with them. During his other movie's premiere, he affectionately recognized how much those old friends helped him and supported him after he was mistreated and let go by Mother Jones. He was generous with his words and time.

Now there is Michael Moore the Second. Last night he hosted the Washington, DC premiere of Fahrenheit 9/11, and who was there? The Democratic political establishment, the same people whom he took to such mocking task on the road with us in campaign rally after campaign rally in 2000. Who was not there? His old buddies! Not personally invited, not personally hung out with.

A few weeks ago, Michael, I sent you a message: "Hey, Dude, where's my Buddy?" It is attached. It has gone without reply. It simply asked you to come back to your progressive constituency and take on the two-party monopoly of our rigged election system—to challenge the pro-warlike, corporate party with two heads, wearing different makeup when it comes to playing toady for Big Business. These are the giant multinationals who have no allegiance to our country or to communities like Flint except to control, deplete or abandon them. It is not that your views have changed, with an exception or two. It is that your circles have changed. Too much Clinton, not enough Camejo.

Your old friends remain committed to blazing paths for a just society and world. As they helped you years ago, they can help you now. They are also trim and take care of themselves. Girth they avoid. The more you let them see you, the less they will see of you. That could be their greatest gift to Moore the Second—the gift of health. What say you?

Best wishes,

Ralph Nader

Let me answer, since this is, well, crazy, not that conservative pundits would say that.

Uh, Ralph, you consort with right-wing hacks, and have set about to ruin the Democratic party. Obviously, Moore no longer feels the way you do about these issues, I think you might want to plunk down the $10 to see his film and not rely on a freebie.

Why should he actually bother to talk to you, since you no longer listen to friends, most of whom have asked you to pull out. The fact that you never bothered to have a life, a family, or as far as anyone can tell, sex, may mean that you are not as aware of the bond of human relations than other people are. Moore grew tired of your ineffective antics and consorting with Republicans.

And while your goals may be laudable, they are not the goals which will result in the immediate change of removing George Bush from office. While you let your ego run ramapant, Moore and other committed progressives are working to force Bush from office. And while your conservative patrons may let you believe you'll get Republican votes, the reality is that you're being used by them to harm democrats, the same democrats which have supported you since 1964. Where is your gratitude and loyalty to old friends,huh?

And for more on Nader whining:

Few Thoughts for the Green Party from Ralph Nader
Dear members of the Green Party –

Since 1996 we have carried the banner for free elections, clean elections, and the ten key values for a just nation and world all over our beloved country. But the corporate supremacists and their Two Party monopoly have sent the American people their own message—exclusive, rigged elections, sold elections, no other choices and more and concentration of power and wealth, against workers, consumers, small taxpayers, environment, community, and a sane foreign policy. In fact—the Republican and Democratic Parties have left most voters with only one incumbent party through redistricting and carving up the country into one-party domination. This is not even a semblance of democracy.

We have to break up this political plutocracy of the corporate government with a combination of our efforts that strengthen our efforts rather than subtract from them. There are too many good people in our country who know how to build the good society who have solutions—technical, social and economic—but who have no political voice. We strive to be their voice. Our voice and your voice must find a unison this weekend to range our mutual call for action throughout our land.

In this spirit I had the privilege of selecting Peter Miguel Camejo as my Vice President. He brings so much to our candidacy—knowledge, experience, commitment, precision, civic courage for over 40 years of struggle for justice. He brings bilingual eloquence that for the first time can communicate Green values to thirty-nine million Latinos as a Vice Presidential candidate on a ticket already polling 6 to 7% and 12% among younger voters in their teens and twenties. And as you recall he has run twice on the Green ballot for Governor of California, distinguishing himself in the rerun debates last year before a worldwide television audience.

As you know, what is already in place for our candidacy is important for local, state and national Green Party efforts this year. You can make a decision tomorrow that can amplify your resources, visibility, lasting ballot presence and impact at the state and local level where building the Green Party is so critical. With the Republicans and Democrats supporting the War, the Patriot Act and endless military and corporate welfare budgets, less and less is left for the people, their children and their future, especially the tens of millions of poor people. And this corporate political duopoly is making American people pay for their own oppression, their own deprivation, their own disrespect. Enough of the Politics of Fear. It is time to shift the power. It is time for the Solution Revolution. It is time to choose between fear and fortitude.

On the exercise of free accessible elections at all levels, we are working to bring together Third Parties and Independents.

I find Peter Camejo’s Unity Resolution as being in the interests of state Green Parties and as the best way to keep the Green Party together and advance common pursuits of justice. This resolution will make it possible for the Nader-Camejo campaign to support candidates, help preserve your ballot lines and expand the resources of the Green Party. I have had some experience since 2001 in participating at 43 fundraisers and other activities for Greens in 31 states and the disenfranchised District of Columbia. I felt that this effort was both my duty and pleasure.

Many of you have urged my attendance. In my letters to Greens a few months ago I indicated that the Greens should make their decision by themselves, absorbing all well-intentioned advice, on the merits. There is no role for any dramatic arrivals from this quarter. If you decide on nominations, you will achieve different results than if you decide on endorsements. Some want you to lie low this election and not receive many national votes in the close states. This is a peculiar way to expand your Party and establish a poor precedent that the Democrats will seek to exploit. In any event, it is your decision as delegates to make a deliberative choice. May your conscience be your guide.

Thank you for reading these words. Best wishes for your convention.

Ralph Nader

P.S. I am on my way to our Oregon convention this Saturday, but will try to call your gathering this evening in the spirit of further solidarity.

Maybe the Greens didn't want to be destroyed by the Democratic Party and run off of ballots? Notice, you never joined the Green Party but just used them to run for office. What did they get but the emnity of Democratic voters? Did they get elected anywhere? Did they expand their profile? Nope, and nope. The Green Party experiment was a disaster for them and they now admit it. Your refusal to deal with racial or sexual inequality angered many of the Greens, who care about social justice.

Why should the Greens take your word to support their candidates when you never joined their party. You want the Greens to serve you, but you never made a committment to the Greens comensurate to what you demanded from them. Trusting you, they led their party down the primrose path, only to unfairly catch the backlash to your 2000 campaign. When they finally woke up, they saw that you would destroy their party while having contributed little if anything to them.

Words are not enough, Ralph. You're very good with words, but people need action. Action is what makes the difference in people's lives. Words, no matter how good, will not end the war in Iraq. Only action, starting with the removal of Bush, will do that.

posted by Steve @ 7:14:00 PM

7:14:00 PM

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