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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Killing for a solution

Killing for a solution

The murder of Sheik Yassin, a sick old man in a wheelchair, didn't go down well in most of the world outside of the US Congress. There, Israel can do anything without question. But most people saw it for the tragic mistake it was.

The Sharon government has tried to kill it's way to peace for years and the result is a state of fear in Israel. Killing all of ones enemies is no solution and it remains to see what kind of revenge Hamas takes. A dead Israeli cabinet official should come as a shock to no one, now that Israel vows to kill all the Hamas leadership.

Once you ply assassination as your trade, both sides become vunerable to the murder of leaders.

Yassin was no saint. The man was evil as evil can be, but blowing him away solves nothing. Others will take his place, with even less need for restraint.

Israel is trying to have it both ways, steal Palestinian land and occupy the West Bank. Something has to give and it has to be Israel. The Palestinians are going to kill to protect their land and Israeli political discomfort at leaving the West Bank is not enough of an excuse to keep this pointless war going on. The settlements are killing Palestinian and Israeli alike, they are a literal death sentence for hundreds of people on both sides of the line.

A fence won't help, cooked up agreements won't help. Only jobs and a viable state for the Palestinians will make Israel safe. Palestinian kids have no future now, except martyrdom or poverty. Remove poverty, and a life in the hearafter won't be so appealing.

Israel is the democracy, it cannot resort to murder as a state solution. It cannot kill all its enemies. A state which resorts to murder can expect murder to be used against it. And having suffered one assasination, does Israel want to make that a habit?

posted by Steve @ 10:46:00 AM

10:46:00 AM

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