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Comments by YACCS
Sunday, March 28, 2004

It's time to deal with Nader

It's time to deal with Nader

Kos is having a lively discussion about Nader taking money from Ben Stein and other GOP givers. Only the naive can confuse this as actual support for Nader. Instead, it is an attempt to undermine the Kerry campaign. Arguing the point is useless. These folks aren't giving money to Nader because they support him and his ideas, Withdrawal from Iraq and then NATO? Nope, sorry. It's an inderect way to support Bush.

The recent polling shows Kerry losing his lead to Nader. That 2-5 percent is cutting into his vote and to let it fester for months is stupid. As Jimmy Carter made the point so clearly, Nader needs to go home.

All those people looking to cut a deal or rationalize with the Nader folks are missing the point by a mile. It is essential for Kerry's campaign to cripple Nader as quickly possible. It's not about winning voters anymore, but making it impossible for Nader to influence the election, They may have to move from the Fredo approach, talking nice, to the Carlo approach, which is dealing him out of the picture. Nader is an obsticle to John Kerry within his base. All the arguments about policy don't mean anything any more.

The fact is that people tied to Nader will be leaned on to cut off the money, his petitions will be challenged, stories about his work practices and record, especially his milions and playing of the market, will come back.

Nader has had a free ride for a long, long time, The fact that people, even his longtime allies, didn't want him to run, will now expose him to the kind of scruitiny other politicians get. Nader gets the gullible because they're like the same people who take Pat Buchanan seriously. They want some radical reformation of government to reflect their viewpoint of the world.

American politics doesn't work like that. Bush runs the country controling all three branches and people still object to his ideas. Naderdoesn't want to be president, he wants to be a combination scold/dictator and oimpose policies no Congress would pass. His ideasd are as supremely anti-democratic as the worst rantings on the right. Nader's constant attacks on corporations is short sighted for a simple reason he doesn't consdider: people need them to provide jobs. They are not a uniform evil.

It's like the argunemt that it's OK for Nader to take GOP money because companies contribute to both Kerry and Bush. Well, no. Companies don't, people do. Individuals contribute and their companies are noted. It isn't OK to tske GOP money, knowing it's only given to harm Kerry. If he
actually lived by the ethics he espouses, he'd turn the money back.

I can assurre you that no one in the Kerry camp or DNC think's Nader is an ally.

posted by Steve @ 2:38:00 AM

2:38:00 AM

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