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Sunday, March 21, 2004

The foreign leader who matters

The foreign leader who matters

Josh Marshall was fretting about the Kerry campaign and his skiing vacation, like it matters. As long as Kerry keeps young boys out of his bed, and the ex-girlfriends quiet, he'll be dragging a drunk Bush out to his inaugural.


Because of all the fretting about foreign leaders wishing Kerry well, and his common sense response about not saying who, athough a casual guess is most people in Europe, reminds me of a drunk's vengeful desire to find out who was talking 'bout his drinkin'. You know Bushco would go on a vengeful spree against these leaders. They don't mention the most important leader who wants Bush defeated. Riverbend complains about the fate of Iraq being determined by an aging Iranian leader. Shit, she should be an American, because we're gonna let him pick the next president.

If Ayatollah Aii Al-Sistani decides Americans have to leave Iraq, Bush is gonna have a lot of time to work on his Crawford pig farm. And while he wields his power carefully, he is no mood to help Bush. Sadr is already calling for the Americans to leave, and when, not if, Sistani joins him, Iraq will officially slide into major debacle.

Our plan for MACV by the Tigris, a "super embassy", better come with a massive, Vulcan protected, landing pad. Because we'll be leaving by helicopter as the Shia mobs come for us.

There is only one foreign leader who matters and he isn't in the EU. Bush and Viceroy Jerry have ignored it whenever possible, but that day is ending. Sistani, if he lives, Sadr, if he doesn't, is the only leader who's endorsement of John Kerry matters. And they don 't seem partial to Bush right about now.

posted by Steve @ 5:31:00 PM

5:31:00 PM

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