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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Cheese fries with gravy?

Cheese fries with gravy?

One of our trolls, AM, suggested that I eat cheese fries with gravy. Now, at a svelte 233, down from 300, I'm not going to eat that if you paid me. But even if I wanted cheese fries, I would never, ever add gravy to them, Why? You want cheese, eat cheese. You want gravy, have gravy, but mix the two? Never.

There's a lot of crap people eat that they don't realize simply sucks. Now fries, when done properly, are sublime, they can and simple toppings like mayo, russian dressing, mustard and the like. Melted cheese is also a good thing, although you really need a cheese dip to coat the fries properly.

It's the same thing with hot dogs. People add so much crap on them, they miss the point. Mustard, chili, that is about it. I know it's herecy to the Chicagoans here, but dill pickles? Give me a break. Deep dish pizza, yes, dill pickles and celery salt, no. A good hot dog should need no more than brown mustard and a spoonful or two of chili.

Now, hamburgers are a different thing. The quality of meat is usually so crappy that you need extras. Even when it isn't, most people want more on their hamburger than a bun and a little ketchup. I have to admit that my favorite cheese is Kraft's. It melts perfectly on beef. If you want to add more, well that's you.

The one thing I hate with burgers is the way some people add onions and peppers in the meat. If I wanted a meatloaf sandwich, I'd make a meatloaf. A burger is a pure thing, not to be trifled with, cooked well done. I like my steak medium rare, but my burgers need to be cooked. I don't want any red in my ground meat.

One can make a perfect set of fries and burger, if they take the time, and buy the right ingredients. I don't know how you make a perfect cheese fries with gravy, but I guess they discuss it at the cardiologist's waiting room.

The trick with burgers is meat. Get good meat, have the butcher grind it and you'll get good burgers. Fries need to be cooked twice and drained.

With hot dogs, you have to buy the commercial kind to get good ones, the supermarket ones suck. Personally, I rather make kielbasa and Italian sausages than hot dogs.

But, even at my heaviest, which was 375, I never ate cheese fries with gravy. Ever. I just don't see that as a decent meal. And I still like cheese fries and wings. I can't eat a ton of them, but I'd still have them in small proportions. And gravy fries aren't bad, but mix the two? Never.

However, with the new cookbooks I got, I'd rather eat real food, like making my own sausages and poached eggs in sauce. I mean, if you're eating cheese fries and gravy, the rest of your diet can't be much better. Besides, fresh food beats that crap for most meals anyway. Learning that before a heart attack is a good thing.

posted by Steve @ 5:00:00 PM

5:00:00 PM

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