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Comments by YACCS
Monday, March 29, 2004

American women suck...yeesh

American women suck...yeesh

I was reading the comments section of Atrios when I tripped upon this lovely sight American Women Suck.

This trip into mysoginy is also a monmument to homophobia. These poor, delusional bastards think that the problem to their romantic issues lies overseas.

Of course, this is really a cover for their own issues with women. As if there is a difference between American women born here and those who live here for a decade.

One poster, Mr. Guitar, left this bon mot of wisdom:

if you go outside USA you'll be shock to know that how stud you are.
Especially for white men(no offence to other men) they treat you like a prince if you are less attractive 50yr old and bald.thanx to hollywood.
It's not just for finacial reasons.even if you are broke being white(especially if you are midwesterner blonde hair, blue eyes) ,to have white kids with them is also a major advantage for their society.they see white as a beautiful race since the world is occupied by darker skin.Since we have been givers to our women here,foreign women find it charming and gentamanly

I have news for him. You know when European women come to the US, they find the men very attractive. The same as what happens when American women go to Europe. Salon ran a series of stories of women who found Europeans achingly attractive, fucked them, and came back home.

My friends picked up so many au pairs it wasn't funny. They took no time to get naked. So if he thinks it's just European women, he's delusional. When you go on vacation, picking up women, or men, just gets easier. American or European.

Another poster, Knight 40, came up with this pearl of wisdom:

Yes, I see this ALL the time, just go to walmart, big bitch or other sizes, wimpy man, several screaming kids.

Also, good point, and the point is, I see no point in getting married. As I said earlier, american men have been sold a bill of goods, or should I say BS.

Over the years, I cannot point to one person I knew well, that was happily married, it is an oxymoron, You cannot be married and be happy, at least not inthe US to a typical american feminist, wich they virtually all are, with there baggage, equal rights crap, stupidity, and all the rest of the supreme stupidity that typical US woman think of.

Besides, you should be happy/content with yourself, then you won't need to rely on anyone else to make you happy, which does not work anyhow.

It is all attachment.

Plus American women and some mens expectations are out of this universe. I think they read too many magazines and watch too many tv talk shows.

The expectations are enormous, so right away, people set themselves up for a letdown, then they want divorce.

When they get married, they find the other person has bad breath, burps, and the acting that started during courtship stops and the real person comes through.

There is more and deeper, but enough for now.

Funny, when I go into a big box store, I see a bunch of fat guys and their fat wives.

But what I find amusing about these losers, and they are losers, is that they blame their problems on women. Yes, women can be a pain in the ass, any guy who denies that is lying. But so can guys. And I bet the guys who are complaining about fat women aren't slim either.

They think some Russian or Filipina will solve their problems and take all their shit. Which is what this is really about. They want women who will tolerate their shit, their inability to dress, their abusivness, their cheapness. They want someone to be a doormat like most of them have been their entire lives.

My God, I hate these sites because they are so emblematic of a loser's mentality. Oh, I need a foreign woman, because I can't get an American woman to tolerate my loser ways. Why look at the way I dress, my grooming, my attitude towards life.

I mean these guys are admitting that they can't handle strong, independent women. What a bunch of crybaby losers. Oh, American women want respect and dignity, that's too much to me. Oh, and gay men are absolutely threatening to me, even though they have no relevance to my life.

I think, a lot of times, women do have unrealistic expectations. We're all only human, and if you want to be rich, you would do better to make your own money. Expecting a man to care for you financially usually ends with you raising the kids alone and selling real estate. Our economy doesn't work that way any more and living off credit cards doesn't get better results.

And guys, for the most part, even though they won't admit it, care more about your heart and spirit than your body. We don't see the extra five pounds or the mishapen nose. Once we start caring about you, that all fades away.

I've heard all the bitterness, on and off-line, and what it really comes from is you, not women. Guys chase women who don't like them and wonder why they don't get laid. They treat the women who do care about them like obsticles to some porn-inspired nirvana, which isn't real life.

These guys need to stop being bitter and treat women with respect and some humanity. Because all a site like this does is make you a worse person. And over the years, I've learned that it doesn't matter where a woman is from, but who she is and what's in her heart. These guys are looking for a quick fix which doesn't exist.

Dealing with other humans is hard. No matter where they come from. Thinking that American women suck is as silly as thinking they are uniformly great. As the sign says: your milage may vary. However, finding some Russian chick desperate to leave her crappy life and thinking she loves you is an act of high delusion. Believe me, if you were Russian, she wouldn't be as attractive.

posted by Steve @ 10:21:00 AM

10:21:00 AM

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