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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Air America on the air

Air America on the air

OK, this new "liberal" radio network is supposed to hit the air today on a series of channels and streaming online.

Air America Radio is supposed to stream from their website and it's supposed to be an ancedote to Rush and the right-wing hate radio now popular on our airwaves.

In a country bitterly divided, and who's leading radio celebrity has gone on the warpath against President Bush, his policies and allies, all the right-wing handwringing might be necessary. After all, who's more talented, the oxy-contin hack Rush Limbaugh, or the former SNL writer Al Franken. Being trapped listening to the mediocre talented Rush is worse then dealing with a room full of Republicans. Not only is he wrong, he's a shill for the GOP, which makes for dull radio. Franken has made people laugh since 1975 and has managed to get up Bill "thank God he's no cop" O'Reilly's ass.

Republican radio hgas dominated the airwaves on radio because it is the last bastion of ignorance and hate. Even Fox tries to put on an air of respectibility in between it's lies and pandering to the Bushies. Radio was the only place where bigotry could be unleashed without comment. In this environment, Howard Stern's formerly centrist politics was an exception, even if their audiences overlapped. Now that he's crossed over, more than a few people have to worry about what comes next.

Radio is a business, but Air America (named after my favorite CIA airline) should have no problem getting talent. You don't think conservatives program the Daily Show (which had a brilliant interview with Dick Clark yesterday). And let's face it, who thinks conservative comics are funny? Dennis Miller is pissing away his career on CNBC, while Bill Maher, liberterian, is a hero on HBO.

I'd take a listen and be paitent. These are talented people and while radio is a new medium, someone has to say something besides I love Bush.

posted by Steve @ 11:34:00 AM

11:34:00 AM

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