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Comments by YACCS
Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Foreign fighters blamed for day of carnage

Last week a suspected Syrian national was arrested trying to target a US military building in the Baghdad suburb of Ad Doura. Gen Hertling said yesterday that suicide attacks were not typical of former members of Saddam's Ba'ath party. "There are indicators that certainly these attacks have a mode of operation of foreign fighters," he said.

"The possible foreign links among the attackers are being investigated." The attacks were coordinated but not sophisticated. "They are amateurish acts," he said. It did not take professionals to agree "to set off their bombs between 8am and 10am".

Bullshit. How can foriegn fighters operate in Iraq without massive help from the locals. Even if a division of the Syrian Army was in Baghdad, how would they know how to rocket the Al-Rashid on the side where Wolfowitz was staying? Osmosis?

Four of those bombs went off and the fifth guy called the cops a collaborator, hardly a phrase a Syrian would use.

It's the locals. Foriegners may be around, but it's the locals. Always has been and I'd say the majority hate Saddam AND the Americans.

posted by Steve @ 2:06:00 AM

2:06:00 AM

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