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Comments by YACCS
Monday, August 25, 2003

Copperhead Joe, it's time to go

It's time to admit that Joe Lieberman's campaign is failing.

To extend the Civil War analogy from the last post, if Howard Dean is Sherman, Joe Lieberman is McClellan and Al From is Clement Vandingham.

Basically, if anyone is going to split the party, it isn't Dean, but Lieberman. He's the one who still endorses the war, insults George McGovern and embraces Bush's failed ideas. There are many people who will sit on their hands if Lieberman wins the nomination. Which I think is wrong, but his defeatism and marginalism would be the true replay of 1972.

Do you really see Lieberman, with his obsessions on public morality, fighting Bush? They want to triangulate their way into power and that ain't gonna happen. Bush fights like a rabid dog when he doesn't get his way and the Dems will have to fight the same way.

Like Lincoln said "give me a general who will fight". McClellan never fought. He had personal courage, but no faith in his men and too much fear of the enemy. Well. Lieberman and From are the same way. They've lost faith in what the Dems should stand for and what they should believe. They have some idea that if they offer a Republican lite, they'll win. And they won't. You don't negotiate your way to victory. You either fight and win or will be fought and lose.

Howard Dean isn't just getting money because he has a nifty website. He's fighting to win. He's not backing this insane, losing war. Joe Lieberman could have been the front runner if he had decided to campaign, and not triangulate his way to the presidency. There are other factors against him, his voice, his looks, but it is his ideas which should get him to withdraw.

Lincoln had to break with the past, condoning slavery, when it hurt the Union and helped the confederacy. Joe Lieberman, like McClellan, wants to moderate the excesses of the opposition. Dean wants to eliminate them.

Sure, Lieberman can hang around, with dwindling resources, splitting the party, but in reality, his bid is spiraling downward.

It's time for Joe to go.

posted by Steve @ 5:59:00 PM

5:59:00 PM

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