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Comments by YACCS
Sunday, January 14, 2007

Why the fuck is he making military policy

You know, I have a couple of hundred military history books.

But, never, in my wildest dreams, would I look a bunch of 19 year olds in the face and say let's go take that building. Because I don't know the first thing about leading men in combat.

Why the fuck is the president listening to this fat motherfucker who wouldn't know how to load an M-4, much less take one apart in the dark. If I had served with Jack Keane, I would call him a disgrace to the Army for allowing the president to listen to this assclown. I mean, I would fly to Washington, have lunch with him and say this shit to his face. No letter, no e-mail, face to fucking face.

He would deserve that much consideration.

Robert Kagan has no business making war. None. He is so shitty at his chosen profession, he isn't even a tenured professor, but an assclown at a think tank.

But the sick part is that people who know better are pushing this bullshit

You know, I respected Harry McMaster, until I realized he was bucking for a star. As a battlefield commander in the 1991 Gulf War, his personal courage was unquestioned. But when I read the self-serving bullshit he was pushing out about Tal Afar, shit his own men didn't believe, shit reporters exposed as bullshit, that he had gotten rid of the terrorists. Hell, the Shia were calling for the Wolf Brigade to kill the Turkomen and Sunnis.

Instead of pushing this shit, he should have retired to oppose this.

But he picked the wrong branch. Back in the day, Armored Cav was the shit, going up the Fulda Gap, it was a good job, but times change. The future of that branch is Strikers and armored cars, not M-1's and Bradleys. So what's a man to do?

He refashions himself as a counterinsurgency expert. Which he accomplished by driving a tank.

Someone at JSOC has had a good laugh over this.

You have this fat piece of shit, Kagan, pushing a plan, supported by people who lost their fucking minds or never had them to begin with.

Petraeus is either an optimist or hid his Courtney Massingale side until late in his career. Even though I was not a fan of the way Charles Swannick led the 82nd in Iraq, he, John Baptiste and Paul Eaton are so morally and ethically above him it's shocking. They had the decency to retire and tell the truth.

Now, a lot of the hype about Petraeus comes from Rick Atkinson, who between his history of the Army in WWII, did go to Iraq. But he's mostly a light infantry guy, with some leg infantry time. But mostly he was 101 and 82nd. He is no SF type. Yet, he was allow to toss out the parts he didn't like.

Again, JSOC had people rolling their eyes.

How the fuck is Ray Odierno in command of anything besides his lawn mower. His command of the 4th ID was a disgrace. You have Buford Blount, who successfully led the 3ID nearly cashiered for asking too many questions during the drive to Baghdad, and you have Odierno, who's battalion commanders sucked, one being a raving lunatic who sought out ambushes, now running the war.

Odierno should have been forced to retire. Period.

When will someone like Wes Clark or Tony Zinni put the cards on the table and say the obvious: why the fuck are you listening to Robert fucking Kagan. They are embarassing the Army and their chosen profession by listening to this fucking moron.

I mean, have they no pride? No respect for their own profession? Robert Kagan sits in a room and makes shit up. He has no experience in war. To take his advice seriously should draw the scorn of their peers.

This is akin to taking a health care analyst and telling him to remove a bullet. Kagan writes books. He has no business making military policy. None, and Odierno and Petraeus should be ashmed as professional military men to take his idiotic fucking advice.

posted by Steve @ 3:27:00 AM

3:27:00 AM

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