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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Maybe it's the ghost of Patrick Dorismond

Is this a dirty trick as well?

'This is clearly a dirty trick'

Giuliani camp says dossier was taken,
copied & returned


Rudy Giuliani publicly says he has not decided to run for the White House, but the 140-page dossier details possible hurdles and a fund-raising strategy.
The fledgling Giuliani presidential campaign charged yesterday that it was the victim of a mysterious "dirty trick" in the theft of the former mayor's political road map for 2008.

The astonishing charge threatened to overshadow the candid details in the 140-page strategy guide obtained by the Daily News from a source sympathetic to a rival campaign.

"This is clearly a dirty trick," said Giuliani spokeswoman Sunny Mindel. "The voters are sick and tired of this kind of thing."

Mindel said that while working on the 2006 campaign trail, a Giuliani aide lost a piece of luggage containing the paper.

"During one leg of his campaign travel, all luggage was removed from a private plane and later put back on," she said in a statement. "However, one staffer's bag was not returned.

"After repeated requests over the course of a few days, the bag was finally returned with the document inside. Because our staffer had custody of this document at all times except for this one occasion, it is clear that the document was removed from the luggage and photocopied."

She did not say exactly where or when the strategy paper was lost, or what was in it, but Mindel downplayed its importance, saying it is "simply someone's ideas which were committed to paper over three months ago."

Still, the paper outlines personal and political pitfalls for Giuliani and a boldly ambitious fund-raising goal of $100 million for this year.

And the depth of detail in the document, as well as the contents - which include a more detailed portrait of Giuliani's financial backers than the campaign has disclosed - belies the notion that the dossier is the stray ramblings of a junior aide.

A handwritten memo containing a list of Giuliani's vulnerabilities - from his second and third wives to his private-sector business - appears to have been written by a senior aide with a focus on fund-raising.

Personal notes there and elsewhere in the document suggest that the memo, along with much of the contents of the dossier, were prepared by chief fund-raiser Anne Dickerson, a former campaign aide to President Bush who joined Giuliani amid fanfare in May.

"Does any of it cause RWG to lose his lustre? confidence?" the memo asked, referring to Giuliani, whose middle name is William, by his initials. "Donors to drop off?"

Sunny Mindel should shut the fuck up.

Giuliani has a second rate team and this is the kind of shit to expect from them, lost documents, whining. Hell, maybe it was the ghost of one of the people murdered by the NYPD during his mayorality. I can see it now, a ghost despositing this in the hands of Pataki or Romney.

What was clear from yesterday's reporting is that Giuliani isn't ready for prime time, forget running for president.

New Yorkers find the whole idea of Giuliani running for president amusing. Because he has no shot. This shows exactly how second rate his team is.

The fact is that the Giuliani campaign can't even explain it's liabilities well. The refusals to deal with black officials, the living with gay men.

I guess he doesn't get along well with his ex-wife.

I think, in the end, he punks out and makes money. That's what he does best.

posted by Steve @ 6:32:00 AM

6:32:00 AM

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