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Saturday, January 06, 2007


CNN Anchor: "It Might Not Be Bad" If I Hurricane Were To "Clean The Streets Out" In NYC...

CNN | Posted January 5, 2007 08:42 AM


BECK: OK. Yesterday and when I heard the final -- the final words of the hurricane chief, and he said, you know, this is coming, I thought exactly of the words that I read about, starting I think in the 1950s, the warnings in New Orleans, "It`s coming, it`s coming, reinforce the walls" and nobody did anything about it.

And now here we are rebuilding the wall to the exact same level as it was before. I mean, it`s going to happen again in New Orleans, isn`t it?

LANDSEA: Well, New Orleans is very vulnerable. So is Houston. So is Tampa. So it Miami, even New York. And so it`s not a matter if you`ll have a strong hurricane strike those areas; it`s a matter of when.

BECK: What is the city that you`re most concerned about? What`s the one that you say, this is it? This is ground zero?

LANDSEA: It could be Tampa. Extremely vulnerable, low lying, a big bay. A hurricane will funnel the water in and flood the entire city.

BECK: Right.

LANDSEA: New York is extremely vulnerable, too, if a hurricane strikes just west of them and funnels all that water just north along Long Island into the city itself. They could have 20 to 25 feet of storm surge.

BECK: Actually, that would clean the streets out. It might not be bad.

Osama tried, you filthy motherfucker.

posted by Steve @ 12:09:00 AM

12:09:00 AM

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