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Monday, December 04, 2006

Waaaah, you were mean to me

Read this whiny bullshit courtesy of Whiskey Fire.

It seems Danny Glover didn't like the criticism he got for his bullshit Times piece. Well, shit, this isn't J School, I can't just give him an F and make him rewrite it.

But I swear to god, these Washington wanna be journalists whine worse than small children. As mean as I have been to Frank Foer, at least he was man enough not to whine about it. He may toss something at me one day, but at least he's no whinging little turd.

The Mirrored Hall of Empty Values

I've often argued that there's a big problem when "civility" is considered a higher value than "the truth." But sometimes it's just funny. For complete info see the links; the fun comes in upon the discovery that Roger Ailes is apparently a big meanie, as is Steve Gilliard:

Lots of bloggers are peeved about my Times article. I wanted to make sure their voices are heard here, too, so here are the links: Eschaton, MyDD and Pandagon.

Others don't deserve to be heard because they don't know how to debate an issue with civility and dignity. But for the sake of being complete, I'll link to them as well: Roger Ailes and The News Blog.

Little_lord_fauntleroy_godine_1They "don't deserve to be heard"? Says who, Fauntleroy? Are they wrong? The word "douchebag" means you're incorrect on the facts?

The business about "debating an issue" is a nice touch, since this is not really an issue. It's just something Glover made up.

I frankly find the tone of Glover's article smarmy in the extreme. There's no ethical problem with anything any of the bloggers he discusses have done for any candidate. But he pretends there's a problem:

I do think it's interesting that some bloggers made a name for themselves by fighting the establishment and billing themselves as revolutionaries but at the same time are willing to work for campaigns. That, to me, is part of the establishment -- at least in a broad sense. And that is the point of my article.

That's the point of his article? "That band, like, totally sold out, dude, their first record was OK but then they went like all commercial"? That's the point? Oh brother.
Danny, only an assclown hides behind civility when the reality was, and my point was, that your article was dead fucking wrong.

My God, in a decent newsroom, your collegues would laugh at you to your face. Just because you work for National Journal, some hothouse of Ivy Leaguers and bow tied fops who eat tea sandwiches and have the servants serve afternoon martinis, doesn't mean the rest of us do.

You people act like Jim Webb came from a cave when he was pissed about Bush fucking with him. Cowards, the lot of you. Maybe you need a testicle transplant, because if my post upset you, you have no balls, hell, there isn't an ounce of testosterone in your body, or estrogen, either.

Let me explain my point, you cringing little shit.

First, you got facts wrong. Jesse Taylor handed off Pandagon to Amanda Marcotte before he worked for Ted Strickland. Tim Tagaris is only now a full-time independent blogger, before Lamont, he worked for the DNC and Paul Hackett. One could conclude, despite that snappy chart, that his business was politics.

With Pete Daou, he made it clear he was working for Hillary Clinton, oh, when he joined her campaign. The Daou Report on Salon has his name, but Steve Benen is the editor. But a simple glance at that page would have shown that.

Jerome Armstrong. Where do we begin? He hasn't written on Kos in months and uh, Matt Stoller runs MyDD, which anyone could have told you. This Stoller person seems to be all over the place. Oh, and what was Armstrong's profession? It seems he's a political consultant. So what was he doing? Acting as a political consultant and NOT BLOGGING.

As far as the Raising Kaine guys, they made it clear they were working for Webb as staff. It wasn't a secret.

In short, you wrote a crock of shit article impuning the honesty and ethics of people with scant evidence and the inability to actually check facts. They made no secret of their ties and their activities. Yet, you feel free to imply they were whores selling to the highest bidder. Yet, you leave out Comrade Moose, Marshall Wittman, working for Party of One Sen. Joe Lieberman. He's a blogger. Or was.

Now, here's a burst of incivility, you fucking piece of shit.

How dare you say I don't have a right to be heard. Who the fuck appointed you civility monitor, you filithy garbage spewing piece of excrement. Just because you got some ass sucking job at some rag no one reads doesn't make you some kind of judge of anything. You should be happy that blogs with a much higher readership than you will ever see at your day job deigned to comment on your embarassing, poorly researched article.

They don't deserved to be heard? Oh fuck no. This isn't some Congress Club party where the Hill rats all try to bang each other and you try to get in sniffing distance of their pussies, but the real world. And here's a hint.

We don't fucking like you. We think you're the problem. You don't deserve civility, you deserve a boot in your ass for helping to ruin this country, the only thing some of us have. With your smug , bullshit attitudes, your contempt for the decency and values which made this country, your arrogant rejection of the very idea that actual citizens might want to save this republic from the cringing lickspittles like you, and you worry about civility.

Civility? Shove it up your ass and look for your balls, because they appear to be missing. Fucking gutless piece of shit. Don't you ever write I don't deserve to be heard.

posted by Steve @ 1:36:00 AM

1:36:00 AM

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