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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, December 14, 2006

Unfairly attacked by Kos

Commandante, why have you
maligned me so?

I like seeing HP execs freaking out that MacBooks are being seen in business settings. In the blogging world, even old Apple haters like Steve Gilliard are now Mac users. But in the business world? There's no doubt that Macs are the best option for anyone who lives and dies by his laptop, especially now that Macs can run Windows (for those who insist).

I never hated Apple. I always thought and think to this day that their marketing sucked. I have argued since the advent of the iBook, now the Mac book, that this was their best and most useful product and should have been promoted as such.

I like my MacBook. A lot. But I always liked that Apple product and thought the desktop line was seriously overpriced, as is the MacBook Pro.

I have always thought that Apple's marketing is tone deaf to anyone not a member of the cult. Any growth in Apple sales is coming from it's ability to run cross platform
and that it is a good machine.

I still want to smack that yuppie in their commercials and make him meet a deadline. Then he wouldn't be so fucking smug.

But this is a typical Republican tactic, treating dissent as hatred. You hate Apple don't you, all your Apple issues are based on hate. Shame on you, Markos.

No. It's because Apple is still marketing cool when it should market function.

posted by Steve @ 1:18:00 AM

1:18:00 AM

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