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Thursday, December 28, 2006

The top ten national stories of 2006

1) The rejection of the ISG report by Bush

This is amazing. The whole process was designed to provide cover for him and he tossed it aside like garbage, just stunning. He looked at it, and then chose the worst option possible

2) The Democratic Congress

Who thought the GOP would be so obliging with Mark Foley and the inept Dennis Hastert. Well, it wasn't that simple, but at the end of the day, the GOP lost

3) The rise of You Tube

A simple, copyright infringing technology not only made streaming video online work, but work well. It allowed a window into campaigns across the country. And that is why George Allen is looking for work today.

4) The failure of New Orleans

Our national shame

5) E coli fever

Gee, maybe cutting the FDA budget was a bad idea.

6) Immigration

Except for Lou Dobbs, one can say the immigration plans from Congress was well, unpopular.
500,000 in the streets

7)The fall of the Black Republican

Three races, three landslide defeats. Maybe getting Mike Tyson as a supporter is dead fucking stupid

8)Gay Republic

Mary Cheney with baby, Mark Foley and Jim Kolbe, Oh, the GOP was having a gay old time.

9) Steroid America

Ah, Barry, is that butanol or are you just happy to see me

10)The fall of Karl Rove

Years of bullshit about his genius.


posted by Steve @ 12:38:00 AM

12:38:00 AM

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