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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Those Godddamn Jews

What? The Jews attacking
Christmas? I got a solution for

No room at the inn - or anywhere else

Shamefully, Christ is being evicted from
Christmas, says Catholic civil rights leader


Anyone who doubts that there is a relentless assault on Christmas should visit the Catholic League Web site and check out our Christmas Watch program. Locally, for example, a Breakfast with Santa event in the town of Warwick in Orange County had to be recast as a "Winter Wonderland Breakfast," and a privately funded Nativity scene was booted from the Staten Island Mall.

We're not dealing with anecdotes - we are dealing with a sustained meanspirited secular crusade to scrub our society free of the public expression of religion.

There is something sick going on when people are intimidated from saying "Merry Christmas" at Christmastime in a nation that is more Christian than India is Hindu and Israel is Jewish. Moreover, the rationale for this campaign against Christmas is positively bogus.

We are constantly being told that we must be careful not to offend those who aren't Christian. The assumption is that Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, et al. go mad each time they hear the dreaded "C" word. Not only is there no evidence to show this is true - indeed 96% of Americans celebrate Christmas and 97% say they are not offended by such celebrations - the underlying predicate is that all these non-Christians are bigots. This is nonsense. It would be more accurate to say that those who are hurling this charge around are the bigots.

It has become a mantra among multiculturalists that we are becoming more diverse as a nation and must therefore accommodate everyone. In fact, as Penn State Prof. Philip Jenkins has shown, we are becoming more Christian. Similarly, Stephen Prothero of Boston University concludes that the U.S. today has more Christians than any other nation in history. As for diversity, Hoover Institution scholar Dinesh D'Souza says, "America is no more diverse today than it was in the 18th and 19th centuries."

Then we get the proverbial bit about diversity and inclusion. But the dirty little secret is that we can't have both: if everyone is to be included, there can be no diversity. Diversity means pluralism, and if this means anything, it means that every racial, ethnic and religious group should have an opportunity to celebrate its traditions, regardless of whether it has attained majority or minority status.

This is a clever disguise for Jew hatred. When people complain about the "War on Christmas", they're really talking about the way that the Jews have forced people to expand the meaning of the holiday.

This is about respect. Respect for the fact that Americans don't pick religions in the public square and that everyone involved has a right to participate. But for bigots like Donoghue, he isn't happy that everyone has a place. He wants his Jesus to dominate and those Jews to crawl back in the corner.

Make no mistake, a "war on Christmas" is really about those pushy Jews demanding fair treatment in public holidays.

posted by Steve @ 11:42:00 AM

11:42:00 AM

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