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Comments by YACCS
Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Silly Season

Back, evil woman, back

I have news for you, despite the popularity polls, there isn't a chance in hell Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama wins a primary, forget being president.

Harold Ford ran as tight a race as possible and still lost.

And people liked him.

Now, they like Obama, but he should heed the counsel of Colin Powell. He was vastly more popular than Obama, across racial lines, had a real record to run on, and the minute people started seriously talking about him running for office, they were planning to dig dirt up on him and his wife.

Powell realized that he wasn't going to be president very quickly.

Hillary Clinton is hated by more people than liked. Someone said that she's got the black vote locked up, and I just laughed. What has Hillary Clinton done for black people? They may like her, but she's not exactly Bobby Kennedy. She has been mute on the Bell killing.

But what comes to mind is a poll which shows that only 72 percent of Americans would vote for a woman for president.

Sen-elect Claire McCaskill responded as if you wanted her to sing the Internationale, when asked if she would ask Hillary Clinton to campaign for her.

A lot of this is silly, like Giuliani for president. The man has the morals of a snake and his record is an oppo researchers dream.

None of these people have any more than star appeal, and Clinton is a punchline to a joke in half the country. Sure, she can raise money, but what does she stand for? Is she really the person to reform the military and help build a new economy? What exactly has Obama done to merit running for president? Give a good speech?

In the end, it's going to be a contest between people like Wes Clark and Chuck Hegel, people who are not celebrities, not the subject of newspaper gossip. But people who can repair Bush's insane government practices.

So while these articles are amusing, any Clinton campaign for president won't only be a mistake, but end early in the primary process.

posted by Steve @ 10:37:00 AM

10:37:00 AM

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