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Thursday, December 28, 2006

How the right lies about history again

Americans serving in 133 Squadron,1941

Only on Fox: Panel discussed video of "Rep. Ancy Lagosi" attacking FDR during WWII

The "All-Star Panel" segment on the December 21 edition of Fox News' Special Report contained a clip from This Is DNN, a "satirical video" in which World War II-era "Congresswoman and House leader Ancy Lagosi" attacks the war and then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In the segment of This Is DNN that aired on Special Report, "Lagosi" says that "250,000 of our finest [have come] home in wooden boxes ... [t]o support a lie." When "Lagosi" asks, "What has Germany and Italy got to do with Pearl Harbor?" the audience at her speech responds, "Nothing!" and then chants, "Roosevelt lied, millions died." Special Report host and Fox News Washington bureau managing editor Brit Hume described the film as "filled with sepia-toned scenes from ... what purports to be an old newsreel of modern-style coverage of World War II." He then asked the panel, "[I]s that a realistic picture of what it might have been like if today's politics and today's news media coverage had prevailed in World War II?"

As panelist and Roll Call executive editor Morton Kondracke noted during the discussion, Adolf Hitler's Germany, an ally of Japan, declared war on the United States after the United States declared war against Japan on December 8, 1941. The United States then declared war against Germany as well.

This Is DNN: What if Today's Media Covered WWII was produced by Clear Glass Productions and featured at the recent 2006 Liberty Film Festival, which, as Media Matters for America has noted, is meant to "provid[e] a forum in the heart of Hollywood for conservative and libertarian filmmakers." At the festival, ABC Vice President of Synergy and Special Projects Judith Tukich was presented with the festival's "Freedom of Expression Award" for her role in assisting the production and promotion of the factually challenged ABC "docudrama" The Path to 9/11. The screenwriter of The Path to 9/11, Cyrus Nowrasteh, an outspoken conservative, was also given a "Freedom of Expression Award."

This Is DNN has been promoted on right-wing weblogs, including Little Green Footballs and Michelle Malkin's Hot Air. On November 20, Malkin featured This Is DNN in the first edition of Hot Air at the Movies, a series she said showcased "conservative and anti-jihad documentarians and film producers." The film is also being sold on the book service of the right-wing magazine World Net Daily.

These fucking assclowns so want to drape themselves in the mantle of WWII over and over with no understanding of what they represent.

They are NOT the men who went to Canada and England to fight the Germans, they are the American Firsters who refused to support Britain in 1940. If Charles Lindburgh had not let the cat slip out of the bag with his speech in 1940, this line of thinking would have been deemed credible to this day.

It is almost amusing to hear these people chatter about sacrifice when they have done nothing for the cause they support. They act as if their words would mean as much as taking your ass on a train to Montreal and then taking a ship on U-Boat infested seas to wind up buring to death over the English Channel.

Instead, they would be like the Afriakaaners, who sabotaged their own country during the war. Or the cowardly Joseph Kennedy, eager to bow before the Germans. They would be the ones wondering why we're fighting Hitler.

The Germans has a name for these kinds of people "Golden Pheasants". They sat in their office in their party uniforms, screeching about how the war should be fought. When Ivan and the boys came knocking, they couldn't run fast enough. Pick up a gun? Nope. Tell other people how to die? Sure.

But they no longer live in Berlin, but in Washington and sit at think tank desks

posted by Steve @ 12:06:00 AM

12:06:00 AM

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