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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Holiday time

I'm travelling and Jen is busy, so this is the post of the day

A few things:

Duke: I was astonished that the DA didn't firm up his rape case. Without ironclad proof, they should have never been charged with that. I disliked the Bill Bennett media campaign, but to find out today she was unsure? That was unfair to the defendents in a gross way. If three black athletes were facing rape charges similiar to this, first, they would be in jail, but the demand for a civil rights prosecution would explode.

Now, she was honest enough to admit she was unsure, which makes her a lot more than the scheming stripper people have embraced. But the reality was that it was going to be hard to convict. Because it is hard to get rape convictions, period. With a sex worker?

What annoyed me is the presumption that she was lying. She was intoxicated, she was among strangers of another race, she was obviously frightened. Any ID would be a guess. People who are asked to make cross-racial identifications are often wrong according to studies.

And lets not forget that there was a recent California case where a woman was drugged, raped on camera and they had to have a second trial. If the woman was out to get paid, this would have ended months ago.

Rape cases are hard to prove under most circumstances. The pernicious idea that she was lying, instead of confused and wrong, should have been disproven yesterday. When asked, she didn't confirm her ID. Why? Maybe having her life turned inside out by Bob Bennett's DC thugs, with Duke cheering them on was too much. Maybe she just wasn't sure.

Also, hiding that there was other DNA on the woman's panty's was also wrong.

Worst People of 2006, Finalists: Washington City Paper and staff

Fri Dec 22, 2006 at 12:21:52 PM PST

Lots of horrible people this year. But these guys are in the running for the top prize:

The Washington City Paper
Mike Lenehan, editorial director
Erik Wemple, editor
Jason Cherkis, reporter

These are bad, bad people.

(And if you're wondering what this is about -- in short, the Washington City Paper is running a story about how Murray Waas' battle with cancer has left him bitter and angry -- trashing him for his battle with cancer -- as part of some bizarre feud Mike Lenehan has with Waas.)

Fucking freakshow. These people are despicable. Scum is a nice work for this collection of the should have been aborted.

Web loser gets ax as pol's aide


A man who became an Internet joke when he tried to hire computer hackers to boost his college transcript has been unmasked as a top aide to a Montana congressman.

Todd Shriber, 28, was fired as communications director to Republican Rep. Denny Rehberg after an Internet blogger revealed his identity and he confessed, the congressman's office said.

"He just wasn't exhibiting the kind of veracity that we need and demand out of our employees," said Erik Iverson, Rehberg's chief of staff.

Shriber had been held up to widespread online ridicule when the "hackers" strung him along with silly requests, including demanding photos of squirrels to "prove his identity," and posted all his dopey e-mails on the Internet.

The California native first e-mailed the operators of a computer security Web site in August, asking them to break into the database at Texas Christian University and change his GPA.

"It's for grad school admissions so I would need any modifications made to definitely become 'official' and part of any transcript the school would mail out on my behalf," he wrote. "The pay would be good."

"Let's be clear. You are soliciting me to break the law and hack into a computer across state lines. That is a federal offense and multiple felonies," someone calling himself Jericho wrote back.

"I assure you no one will ever hear about this from me. I'll take this to my grave," Shriber wrote.
He went to hackers for this? White hats?

Two names: Kevin Mitnick and John Lee.

That is what happens when you illiegally hack systems, you get a felony conviction.

I'm sure Slashdot was rollicking with merriment over this.

Bell's alcohol level twice legal limit


The unarmed bridegroom killed in a 50-shot police barrage on his wedding day was driving drunk, sources said yesterday.

Sean Bell had twice the legal limit of alcohol in his blood when officers opened fire, killing him and wounding two of his friends after they left his bachelor party at a Queens strip club, toxicology reports show.

The alcohol level is being used to back claims Bell's vehicle lurched into an officer and rammed an unmarked police van as cops started firing.

"[This report] gives some insight into why Sean Bell acted the way he did behind the wheel," said Michael Palladino, president of the Detectives' Endowment Association. "His behavior was reckless and life-threatening to the officer he hit. If the reports are true, his judgment was impaired."

It is unclear if the reports, which a source in the medical examiner's office said were turned over to prosecutors, would have any bearing in a potential criminal case against the cops.

But a lawyer for Bell's family yesterday dismissed the findings as "totally irrelevant."

"No matter what his blood-alcohol level was, he is a victim," said attorney Sanford Rubenstein.
Palladino is an idiot of tremendous proportions. The real question is how many of the cops were drunk. And that we will never know.

At Macy's, 24/7 is a slice of heaven


Of the countless New Yorkers who flooded the Macy's on Queens Blvd. in the wee hours yesterday, most took the saying "Shop till you drop" figuratively.

Then there was Angelina Cedena.

The 14-year-old was sprawled across the department store floor, her head tucked in, mounds of white plastic Macy's bags held close as though they were blankets.

"It's like a sleepover!" gushed the Middle Village teen, admitting that fatigue had gotten the best of her.

"We'll be back tomorrow night," she added. "There's less people."

Don't count on it.

The sleep-deprived shoppers easily numbered in the thousands, taking advantage of the shopping marathon that began at 7 a.m. Thursday and won't end until 6 p.m. tomorrow, Christmas Eve - 83 hours of retail madness.

"I have no time. I didn't think I was going to be able to shop at all," said Angelina's mother, April Cedena, 31, showing off four Vera Wang perfume box sets. "This is a godsend!"

Retail experts believe that the 24-hour, open-door policy - a staple of places like Wal-Mart - was a first in New York. And aside from a small glitch that briefly hampered credit card sales at about 3 a.m., everything went smoothly, as though it were a normal shopping day.

"Twenty-four hours! Isn't that something!" said Takiya Hanley, 30, an MTA station clerk from Crown Heights who was examining a pair of DKNY Jeans.

"We were at the Macy's on Flatbush. It closed at 11, so we came here. In a big city like New York, more stuff should be open 2-4/7."

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