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Comments by YACCS
Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hell welcomes new resident

Augusto, finally we meet.

Pinochet Is Dead
by Da Buddy
Sun Dec 10, 2006 at 11:27:29 AM PST

(From the diaries by mcjoan. Excellent discussion in the comments. The New York Times adds this:)

. . . Chile's government says at least 3,197 people were killed for political reasons during his rule, but after leaving the presidency in 1990 Pinochet escaped hundreds of criminal complaints because of his declining physical and mental health. Pinochet took power on Sept. 11, 1973, demanding an unconditional surrender from President Salvador Allende as warplanes bombed the presidential palace in downtown Santiago. Instead, Allende committed suicide with a submachine gun he had received as a gift from Fidel Castro.

As the mustachioed Pinochet crushed dissent during his 1973-90 rule, he left little doubt about who was in charge. ''Not a leaf moves in this country if I'm not moving it,'' he once said.

This just in...

Former Chilean Dictator Augusto Pinochet has died.

SANTIAGO, Chile (Reuters) - Former Chilean dictator
Augusto Pinochet, who ruled from 1973-1990, died on Sunday, a doctor from Santiago's military hospital said.

"He died surrounded by his family," Dr. Juan Ignacio Vergara told reporters outside the hospital, confirming a local television report.

"Later this afternoon, we will give more details," he said.

The brief announcement by the hospital said Pinochet's condition worsened suddenly and doctors rushed him back to intensive care, from which he had been removed only on Thursday while recovering from an acute heart attack he suffered one week ago.

It's always nice to see a student finally reunite with his master.

posted by Steve @ 4:06:00 PM

4:06:00 PM

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