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Friday, December 08, 2006

Everybody Loves Soccer

ManU's Wayne Rooney

Hit leaders has compiled its list of top 10 sports searches in 2006, and the results might alter some long-standing perceptions.

No. 1: New York Yankees. Unlike A-Rod, generated many hits in October.

No. 2: Dallas Cowboys. They're not quite America's Team, evidently.

No. 3: Pittsburgh Steelers. Result of Bill Cowher living in front of his computer, searching for answers.

No. 4: Boston Red Sox. Team's fans panic-stricken over J.D. Drew news.

Nos. 5, 6 and 9: Manchester United, Arsenal and Real Madrid. Two words for all the haters out there. Soccer matters.

No. 7: Detroit Tigers. Check back this time next year.

No. 8: Chicago Bears. Includes hits by members of the quickly growing Brian Griese fan club.

No. 10: St. Louis Cardinals: Angels fans checking in to see how their old favorite players are doing.

Totals: Major League Baseball 4, NFL 3, European Soccer 3.

The NBA, which did not have any team crack the top 10, is blaming it on the new ball

Soccer has a significant US consitutency, and has for years. But with the rise of Fox Soccer Channel, Telemundo, sattelite radio and the Internet, it has become ridiculously easy to follow teams. The idea that the last World Cup was a passing fad is wrong. It was merely the culmination of nearly two decades of developing soccer fans among US kids.

As dodgeball has become banned in many school districts (praise god), soccer is an easy and natural substitute. And it is second only to basketball in terms of youth sports in the US.

What the Yahoo search means is that this isn't limited to immigrants or non-English speakers. It means among those who use the Internet in English in the US, three of the world richest and most popular teams are of interest to them.

Poor Jim Rome. What will he do when Freddy Adu is playing for the Red Devils and every goal is on ESPN.

posted by Steve @ 3:05:00 PM

3:05:00 PM

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