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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A dangerous time

Jen and I haven't written much lately becase we've been sick, in my case, my left shoulder was so sore I could barely sleep, forget write. But we keep chugging along.

We are in a very dangerous time.

This surge bullshit, it's neither a surge or escalation, but reenforcing current units, is all about going after Sadr. Which will fail. Like trying to smash jello with a mallet. They are going to try and attack Sadr, who is a fucking folk hero to most Iraqis, who are Shia, while the Sunni insurgents are free to roam about the country.

Jean Larteguy described the kind of officer Bush is relying upon, the kind who would rather be in camoflauge in the jungle with his men, than shining his general's turds.

Now, it may be seductive to listen to Dave Petreus, Pete Chiarelli and Harry McMasters. They are fine men and fine leaders. But they have failed and do not see their own failures. They think they can refight the war as if Sadr and his team, and the Sunnis are little more than monkeys. They're media savvy, well trained and lavishly armed.

They are problem solvers. But this is not a problem to be solved.

There is no one more push, no one more effort to get Iraqis on our side. Sadr, for good or ill, despite fumbling on camera, represents a dedicated movement of millions of people who will die to protect their faith.

What few troops which actually hit the battlefield will quickly be swallowed up. Bush ignored the ISG report, even the most conservative DOD reports to embrace the most reckless plan possible.

He needs more troops? Look for some kind of draft to hit Congress next year. Not Charlie Rangel's spite draft, but releasing ROTC to the Army or federalizing the reserves. If Bush can still go after Social Security after the defeat of the GOP, he can do anything.

Because Bush, like a degenerate gambler, cannot resist betting higher and losing more.

Congress, from day one, has got to demand answers about these plans.

What happens when units start refusing assignments? Like in Vietnam, or become combat ineffective after 4 tours. What does the boy genius do then?

posted by Steve @ 1:34:00 PM

1:34:00 PM

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